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Taito’s New FFXIV Faux Commander Plush Stares Directly Into Your Soul

Don't let the scowl fool you, he's really very soft...

Taito, the toymaker and arcade operator, has revealed their latest Final Fantasy XIV-themed prize, and it has a very menacing aura. Plush toys are an adorable showcase of your fandom, and it’s easy to see why so many people fall hopelessly in love with collecting them. Still, this new Faux Commander plush is staring directly into people’s souls, so it’s a little hard to see the immediate appeal.

The Faux Commander plush prize was revealed on Taito’s official social media on the morning of Nov. 16. 

Faux Commander is the dour-faced mascot of the Faux Leaves mini-game in FFXIV. Although his real name is Sotan (and the plush toy is named as such), Faux Commander is the main way he’s referred to. The character is impatient and has a dry wit, which translates perfectly into this plush.

Approximately 25cm in size and sporting a trademark scowl, the Faux Commander is sadly only available from crane machines (claw-style arcade machines) in Japanese and Southeast Asian locations. The website lists two dozen available locations and some online crane machines, but unfortunately, these are also region-locked. 

Fans of the game would likely throw their money at this Faux Commander plush, but those outside of the Japanese and Southeast Asia area are out of luck. Taito also stocks a huge variety of other Final Fantasy XIV merchandise in their claw machines, including Carbuncle figurines, Loporrit figures, Job Stone drink tumblers, portrait magnets, and the adorable Grebuloff lamp. Again, these items aren’t for sale online from Taito and are only available as prizes in Taito claw machines. Keen-eyed consumers will perhaps be able to spot them for auction on eBay, but don’t expect them to be cheap.

Fans can add this one to the list of “things to do if you ever go to Japan,” along with visiting the Eorzea Cafe, and buying up other Japan-exclusive merchandise. For now, the sneer of the Faux Commander plush must remain a distant dream.

About the Author

Michael Hassall

After giving up a "real" job in Marketing in 2019, Michael started working as esports, gaming, and entertainment journalist and hasn't looked back. He lives in the UK, but wishes he lived in Eorzea, having spent 5,000 hours there. When not dutifully grinding Tomestones and being designated furniture crafter for his FC, he enjoys travel to warm places, cold drinks, light reading, and heavy metal.