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Prominent FFXIV Vocalist Deletes Social Media Amid Accusations of Transphobia

Claims that the singer was hacked are believed to be a lie by the community.

Susan Calloway, a vocalist for FFXIV who is well known for her voice in staple songs such as "Answers", "Dragonsong", and "Revolutions" has been accused of liking comments about transphobia, islamophobia, and other conservative ideals. The matter came about when fans started pointing out her liked comments on Twitter/X this morning.

Calloway claimed her Twitter was hacked, and later in the day the account disappeared completely. Images of tweets she liked have been circulating that contain transphobic, islamophobic and other conservative viewpoints. Many on social media were skeptical about her claim of hacking, since her Twitter account was regularly used recently, and the liked tweets happened among the time the account was being used as normal. Soon after the Twitter account disappeared, her Instagram was made private. 

A few hours after the news started spreading on social media, KupoCon, a fan convention that typically has special guests like voice actors, singers, and members of the development team, announced that Calloway would no longer be attending their upcoming event in Toronto. It is unclear whether Calloway dropped out or if KupoCon made the decision to exclude her.

Her community manager took to Twitter to defend her, stating that they were "working with susan [sic] to better secure her account," but then later stated that they'd lost their position as her community manager and said they were advised not to make a statement. Many who have seen their tweets are still asking questions about whether Calloway was hacked or not, and why her account was deleted on Twitter. The community manager stated that they didn't have control over her social media accounts, leaving the community confused as to what their role was in the removal of her accounts.

The community is split in their reaction, especially regarding her departure from KupoCon. Some are still in support of her and advocate for an individual's right to an opinion on certain topics, while others are adamant that they are no longer a supporter of Calloway after learning that she holds such opinions. Many who have claimed they would not continue to support her believe she was lying about her account being hacked.

Calloway was specifically requested by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu to sing the incredibly recognizable FFXIV songs fans know and love today. The vocalist was also known for her association with Distant Worlds, a performance group that tours the world and features many Final Fantasy songs from its 30-year tenure. At the time of writing, no statement has been made about Calloway's future with the group.

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