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Preview of New FFXIV 6.2 Mounts, Minions, and Emotes

It's almost time for Patch 6.2, but wait, another teaser! New mounts, minions, and emotes are within reaching distance.

I’ve written an unfathomable amount of stories about Patch 6.2 for Final Fantasy XIV. Coverage almost feels like my life’s work at this point. And it certainly will be when Patch 6.2 goes live on August 23. But in the lead-up to the release date, we have another batch of teasers! Here, we’re going to take a look at the new mounts, minions, and emotes coming to FFXIV 6.2. Keep in mind that these may not be the only ones debuting with the patch; these are just what we’ve seen thus far, including what’s new on the official FFXIV 6.2 special site.

New Mounts: Big Mandragora, Space Jellyfish, and Silky the Rat

First off, we’re getting the family of Mandragora as mounts. It appears you can get three different ones, each with unique color schemes and facial expressions. These big fellas, too! Just look at the one in the back carrying that Roegadyn on its head like a boss. Based on the teaser screenshot, these Mandragora mounts are likely tied to making progress in Island Sanctuary, a brand-new piece of content debuting with Patch 6.2. (If you’re not familiar with it, check out our breakdown of Island Sanctuary gameplay.)

You may have caught the Mandragora mount being used during the latest Live Letter while director/producer Naoki Yoshida was playing Island Sanctuary content on stream. But if you were around for the new Omicron Tribal Quests teaser, you would have caught a glimpse of the new space jellyfish mount, which we assume to be of Ea origin. This one appears to be one of the major rewards for progressing through the upcoming Tribal Quests, and if that’s the case, then you’d have to wait until Patch 6.25 drops sometime in October.

Another Patch 6.25 mount will be the chubby pink rat (presumably) named Silky. It’s one of the bosses you’ll face in the upcoming Criterion Dungeon, which is a brand-new piece of content. Yoshida was also seen using the mount during the Live Letter gameplay preview. We assume this mount will be one of the bigger rewards for clearing The Sil’dihn Subterrane Variant/Criterion Dungeon. (For more information, check out our breakdown of Variant and Criterion Dungeons.)

New Minion: A Flying Squirrel

Look at this thing. It’s a flying squirrel. We’ll be sure to update you on how to add this little guy to your roster of minions.

New Umbrella Emote and Fashion Accessory

Fashion accessories are always an exciting addition for those deep in Glamour and Gposing. To add even more flair, Patch 6.2 introduces a new dancing emote tied to the umbrella accessory. Below, there’s a video clip of the emote in motion. What’s poppin’ Mary?


Additionally, you can pick up a new set of wings. These look similar to the Pixie Wings you can already get by digging up the right treasure from Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps. These new ones are a bright fluorescent blue, however. We’ll be sure to update you on how to snag these for yourself when Patch 6.2 drops.

Recapping the New FFXIV 6.2 Gear

We have closer looks at the new Tomestone, crafted, and Abyssos raid gear now. These sets are looking really nice, especially the weapons from the Abyssos gear set; these include special effects usually exclusive to rare and relic weapons. It goes without saying that the Abyssos set will require clearing the upcoming Pandaemonium Abyssos raids and rolling for the right gear piece or tokens.

FFXIV Patch 6.2 Pandaemonium Abyssos Raid Gear

The new Tomestone gear set will be tied to the next endgame currency, Tomestones of Causality. These will take the place of Tomestones of Astronomy when Patch 6.2 goes live.

FFXIV Patch 6.2 Tomestones of Causality Gear

Lastly, the crafted gear set will be available via the new materials and crafting recipes introduced with Patch 6.2. We’ll update you on how to get your hands on these gear pieces once we get our own hands on the new FFXIV 6.2 content.

FFXIV Patch 6.2 Crafted Gear

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