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Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Announced For 10th Anniversary

Who's ready for Eorzea-flavored D&D?

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Square Enix has announced the release of a FFXIV-based tabletop RPG. As the first TTRPG of the franchise, this marks an exciting shift for the direction of Final Fantasy

According to the pre-order page, fans can expect the Starter Set to release in May 2024. The set is listed for $59.99, and includes everything needed to run both original and premade scenarios. The bundled set includes a Player Book, Gamemaster Guide, and more. 

The Player Book will provide a basic run-down of roleplaying games for newcomers. The Gamemaster Guide will give new GMs some tips and tricks for running games, as well as three premade scenarios that should make it easier to jump right in. Four pre-made, full-color character sheets are included, as well as 16 custom dice. Also included are a Rules Summary and Strategy Guide, an encounter map, character tokens, and ability markers.

ffxiv ttrpg starter set.jpg
Image via Square Enix

In the past, fans of the series have put out their own materials for FFXIV-based campaigns. That Square Enix would put out its own official game comes as a surprise to many. Considering the recent surge of popularity in TTRPGs, it's fitting that they would step into the market as well. From Dungeons & Dragons to Pathfinder, there is a considerable amount of crossover between fans of MMORPGs like FFXIV and players of tabletop RPGS. 

Preorders for the Starter Set have already begun and can be purchased online, while the individual Player Book and Gamemaster Guide are listed as 'coming soon'. Those who pre-order the Starter Set can expect their package to arrive sometime in May next year.

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