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FFXIV Patch 6.1 Has New Mounts and Minions, Like a Nier Pod and Nero Toy Car

Collecting mounts and minions is half the fun and Patch 6.1 won’t disappoint.

During the latest Live Letter from Producer, Final Fantasy XIV creative director Naoki Yoshida showed off some of the new mounts and minions that players can acquire in Patch 6.1. The patch, coming April 12, will kick off the new post-Endwalker storyline, launch the new Myths of the Realm alliance raid, and add the Ishgard district alongside a new housing lottery system. But none of that matters in the face of new mounts and minions!

Within the new Arkasodara Tribal Quests in the Thavnair region, Yoshida showed off the mount that’s seemingly related to those quests: a Hippo Cart. He joked that the mount flies through the power of Dynamis. There was also a Troll Yeti mount, the bird-like Alkonost, and the dinosaur-esque Vinegaroon. (The names were translated from the Japanese katakana, so they may not be final.) Below, you can check them out in screenshots pulled from the Live Letter stream.

Most importantly, we saw the new Pod 602 mount, which is a NieR: Automata-inspired mount, similar to the Pods players used to get around some sections of the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse raids. The mount carries players by a single arm just like in NieR, but Yoshida joked that the Warrior of Light’s arm strength was also up to the task.

There were also several new minions for players to enjoy. The first one looks to be based on a boss featured in the Patch 6.1 trailer. Its name is Kapupukuru (カププクル), a reference to Kapıkulu, the elite guards of the Ottoman Sultan. Other minions include the Dreadnought, which looks similar to the mount and monster of the same name, a Kangaroo, a new type of bird, and a small dog.

Finally, there was Clockwork Novus D (クロックワー・ノウスD), a tiny wind-up toy car with an animated Nero tol Scaeva painted on it. Yoshida said that it looked “cheap,” but it’s a tiny motorized toy in the time of FFXIV! Nero is doing his best!

Yoshida also highlighted some new fashion accessories. There were two types of parasol, allowing your character to stay out of the sun. That’s great for all you pale Warriors of Light. There were also two new types of glasses, one of which is a standard set and the other a pair of lightly-shaded sunglasses. As a person who wears glasses in real life, I look forward to more options for my character!

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