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FFXIV Launcher Error: Steam Version Temporarily Down For Some Players

The "A technical issue has occurred," error locks some players out of FFXIV.

If you’re a North American player, an FFXIV launcher error may greet you this morning when trying to log in. While there’s no official word on what’s behind the connection difficulties, it looks like the “technical issue” error is limited to folks using the Steam version of Final Fantasy XIV.

For those trying to investigate, the FFXIV Steam error greets you with, “A technical issue has occurred. Try accessing the site again. If the issue still isn’t resolved, please contact the Square Enix Support Center.”

Except, when it comes to this Steam hiccup, there’s no point in trying to get in touch with Square Enix. It seems this morning’s technical woes derive from either Steam’s end or FFXIV‘s authentication servers. Regardless, it’s not something for you to resolve at home. If you want to check on the Steam server status, try Steam DB. And to check any FFXIV server status, try the Lodestone. It’s worth noting there are other unofficial resources for checking on the MMO, too. Like Is FFXIV Up, which provides gate and login server information.

Can’t login or even enter user/pass in launcher, friends cannot either from ffxiv

Occasionally, we see this error when players experience difficulties with their personal connection to the game or when an ISP hiccup is involved. But today’s reports flood in from Twitter, Reddit, and the game’s official forums, all looping back to Steam. We’ve seen this a few times in the past involving the same few suspects, and usually this gets sorted within a few hours.

For folks logging in through the Mog Station launcher or PlayStation, it looks like you’re spared this time. The FFXIV launcher error appears to have left those folks unaffected. There’s no way to swap your service account type as a Steam user, either. So, for now, players trying to jump in through Steam are stuck waiting it out. We’ll update this again should the dev team share any updates.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a few connection woes with the FFXIV Steam launcher. Earlier this year, Square Enix announced players using Valve’s storefront would have to link their Steam ID to their FFXIV service account. Unfortunately, the change sparked further difficulty when some Steam users could not play, thanks to weird issues around special characters, Steam, and FFXIV. And we all felt the nasty lag earlier in the month, which stemmed from a ddos attack.

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