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Become What You Must With FFXIV Merch, Like This Jacket & Elpis Flower

The Insert Coin Jacket is back in stock, and the Elpis Flower doesn't seem so limited.

Even if you missed the Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 Live Letter announcements, there still may be time to score the new FFXIV merch. On Friday, director and producer Naoki Yoshida revealed the MMO’s collaboration with Insert Coin for a new Endwalker look, along with other things I don’t need (but will probably buy).

In a nod to the Warrior of Light’s Endwalker journey, FFXIV is getting real-life Paladin-inspired glam in a partnership with Insert Coin. It’s a white, blue, and navy jacket embroidered with elements from the Job’s Level 90 Artifact set. For those who haven’t unlocked Pally yet, it’s the same armor seen on Meteor — the stand-in for our Warrior of Light — in the Endwalker trailers.

It’s pretty sick. I can’t tank worth a flip, but I’m about to pretend I can. A few comparison shots for those who’re interested:

FFXIV merch for 6.2 includes an Insert Coin jacket with Paladin coat of arms.

If you’re feeling the look, Insert Coin has pre-orders available. After the announcement yesterday, some sizes wound up (briefly) sold out, while the site crashed. However, things appear to be running smoothly today, and Insert Coin has opened up pre-orders on all sizes once again. The Paladin jackets are £74.99, with sizes running from XS to XL. The jackets will ship in mid-November.

While stock seems to hold strong on those jackets, FFXIV merch exclusives may be harder to find, at least for a bit. During the Live Letter, global community producer Toshio Murouchi (Foxclon) showed off an official reproduction of an Elpis Flower. Just like in FFXIV, it lights up with an aethereal white glow. It looks like an adorable little glowstick.

New FFXIV merch announced with 6.2 includes an Elpis Flower for the concert.

The flowers come with tickets to the 2022 Eorzean Symphony in Japan, scheduled for December this year. However, don’t fret too much over event-locked merch. The official Eorzean Symphony site mentions its Elpis Flowers should see a Square Enix store release for 4,000 yen. Hopefully, those sales don’t wind up locked to any particular region. They say Elpis flowers turn black when Square limits stuff like this. (I’m kidding, sort of).

While we’re all sad over the fight for an in-universe mood ring, Patch 6.2 is here soon with a pick-me-up. Linkshell has a handy summary available for those who missed this week’s broadcast, along with a look at 6.2’s new gear. And for you Estinien sickos (me), watch the new trailer for a reference to Final Fantasy IV‘s Kain. Check the Elpis Flower again, I think it’s a better color now.

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