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Final Fantasy XIV Halloween Event To Start October 17

While details are light for now, this year's All Saints' Wake has a few cute prizes in store.

Halloween is quickly approaching in all the land of Eorzea, and now Square Enix have announced the events that will take place in Final Fantasy XIV. Once again, All Saints’ Wake is returning, with a new mission. It’ll take place from Thursday, October 17th, 1 AM PDT until Friday, November 1, at 7:59 AM PDT.

We don’t have the details on the actual mission itself yet, but fear not! (Or do, because it’s Halloween.) They’ve reserved a little space on the page for the mission details, as they’ve listed for prior years. The past two years, the events have centered around the mysterious (and possibly ill-intended) Continental Circus. In 2017, there was a werewolf looking to join the crew, and you both had to prove yourselves. Last year, it sounded like there was a plot afoot to revive the Night of Devilry.

Now, it looks like there’s a procession theme to things, plus the subtitle. “Evil’s In The Eye Of The Beholder.” One of the loot prizes is a creepy-looking flying eye mount, with a frankly adorable little witch hat. In addition, there are also home decorations, including a pumpkin carriage and an advertisement for the “All Saints’ Wake” Procession.

In addition to the quests, for the past three years, they’ve had The Haunted Manor, a low-level duty/dungeon exclusively for the season. Instead of just fighting, you had to encounter three games, chosen at random out of seven possible games. You lose the dungeon if your Sanity Meter depletes by failing or messing up tasks. Chances are, The Haunted Manor will re-emerge — or maybe there’ll be a new one! (Who knows!? But the games do sound fun…)

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If you want to participate in the event, you just need to get through a few hours of grinding up your character. The requirements listed are that you must be Level 15 and have completed the quest, “It’s Probably Pirates.” This is the first dungeon quest in the game — so basically, they want you to be able to find parties. Once you’ve reached that point, you can find the missions in Old Gridania, through the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator. And make sure you do it before the event ends on November 1, because you can’t save the mission beyond that point!

Did you miss prior years’ goodies? It looks like some of the look from prior All Saints’ Wake events will be available through the event vendor. Of course, that’ll probably be a limited-time offer too.

More details will likely emerge soon on the official Square Enix page for the event.

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