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FFXIV Flow Vocalist Amanda Achen Has Us Sobbing Again With Endwalker Video

Once more, the FFXIV Flow lyrics have us all crying at "my brave little spark."

The lyrics for Final Fantasy XIV‘s Flow deliver one final Theme of Love from the world’s beloved guardian, Hydaelyn, with lines keeping it endeared to the community long after launch. Now, almost seven months later, Endwalker’s vocalist, Amanda Achen, isn’t done making us cry just yet, and delivered another emotional tribute to the expansion with a new video.

I’m crying; you’re crying; we’re all hysterical mid-afternoon on a Sunday. It’s fine. Anyway, beware — there are light spoilers below for the FFXIV Flow lyrics and Endwalker relevance.

For the same reasons I found myself smitten with her performances at 2021’s Fan Festival, Achen’s latest video has me reflecting on a decade of ups and downs in the MMO’s emotional journey. Her latest YouTube upload isn’t a new recording of the Endwalker theme, but it’s still an incredibly touching tribute. I’m reduced to a messy puddle of a person somewhere around “my brave little spark”. So, like thirty seconds or so in. Go ahead and see how far you make it.

If you missed some of the Flow lyrics prior, the song provides Hydaelyn’s perspective as she welcomes souls home. It shares that in common with several FFXIV themes before it, telling stories through thoughtful lyrical journies. It’s perhaps one of my favorite little details about the game, and one the vocalist seems to connect with, too.

“Yea the rumors are true, “Achen confirms in the video description. “I had to cry out ALL my tears before I recorded this song for Soken.”

Composer Masayoshi Soken mentioned this story before. Earlier this year, he tweeted about Achen’s struggle to sing through the tears and shared her request to record the song again after overcoming those feelings. Soken was clearly just as moved, explaining he “couldn’t stop shaking” while mixing the Flow lyrics into the track.

While the FFXIV Flow lyrics are among some of my favorites in the MMO. I’m still reeling from songs like Answers — which is now a decade old. Tomorrow and Tomorrow, a vocal theme from Shadowbringers also performed by Achen, is another I can’t seem to shake with time. I reckon next year while we’re discussing whatever comes of  7.0, I’ll remain worked up over Flow, Hydaelyn, and the team behind it all.

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