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PSA: FFXIV Lets You Trade EX Trial Totems for Lynx Mounts in Patch 6.2

PSA: You can stop farming Extreme Trials for that Lynx Mount after collecting 99 totems.

If you’re sick of farming Extreme Trials for an elusive FFXIV Lynx mount, Patch 6.2 brings some good news. The first and second Extreme Trials of the Endwalker era will have their big glowing cats up for trade in Radz-at-Han following the update — just make sure you hold on to that totem stash.

Similar to how you could exchange Extreme Trial totems for weapons, Final Fantasy XIV lets you trade 99 totems for a Lynx mount with its new update. The process is simple enough. Take your stack of fight currency to Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (X:10.6 Y:10.0), and he’ll take your totems for a mount. So far, your options up for trade in Patch 6.2 are:

FFXIV Lynx Mount — Vendor Exchange

The Eternal Darkness cat comes from Zodiark (Extreme), while Hydaelyn (Extreme) drops the Divine Light variant. Each trial guarantees one totem per clear, and there’s no weekly limit on the currency. However, the totem rewards only count towards their respective trial’s mount. So no, you can’t cash in those 99 Zodiark runs toward a Hydaelyn Lynx.

FFXIV Lynx mount rewards are available in patch 6.2 through a vendor.

And as you may have noticed, there is no Endsinger flute yet, but this is the typical release cycle that totem exchanges follow. FFXIV staggers out Extreme Trial mount trades for quite some time after the encounter launches. So you won’t see the Bluefeather Lynx Flute in Radz-at-Han any time soon, but Nesvaaz will add it to his offerings eventually. Unfortunately, that also means the Patch 6.2 Extreme Trial won’t have its Lynx available for trade now, either.

Until then, you can try to farm Endsinger’s Aria for the mount or, if you’re unlucky, collect 99 Ultimatum Totems. Hey, at least she gives you two per clear.

If you’ve got the itch to these cats to your collection, we recommend stockpiling all your totems and forgoing the weapon exchange options. Each weapon typically costs ten (10) tokens, but for folks intent on farming until they win a Lynx Flute roll, the weapon cost isn’t worth it. You’ll (most likely) grab the Extreme Trial Main Hand coffer several times before hitting 99 totems or acquire the weapon as a regular drop.

Either way, the approach saves you the pain of ten more trial runs. So practice patience, and thank the Fury us unlucky folks are free from their Hydaelyn and Zodiark Extreme farming days.

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