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Chinese Version of FFXIV to Get 5 New Jump Pose Emotes

Western players will be jumping with jealousy over missing these emotes!

A classic photo trend is being added to Final Fantasy XIV, as the Chinese version of the game receives five new jump pose emotes. The emotes first appeared on the Chinese cash shop for the game earlier this week and were first spotted by Japanese blog umadori0726.

The five emotes mimic the kind of jump people do for photos that catch them in mid-air, posing. The variations include three where the arms are outstretched, one punching the air, and another running in place.

Image via QU Shopping/Square Enix

The Chinese cash shop uses points coupons rather than direct currency purchases, likely due to restrictions on real money transactions (RMT) in-game in China. The emotes packaged together are priced at 8900. This would make the emote pack cost as much as an equivalent $10 item (The Megaflare Emote costs 9800 points coupons, which is $12 in the US Final Fantasy XIV Online Store).

Sadly, there’s no indication that these jump emotes will find their way into international versions of Final Fantasy XIV in the near future. In the past, items such as a Sun Wukong-themed glamour set and accompanying Nimbus Cloud mount were released exclusively for Chinese and Korean versions of the games. And just a quick scroll down the QU Shopping page for FFXIV reveals Chinese-exclusive mounts such as the “Evening Beast” mount, the “Original Fat Chocobo” and Xian Shu Panda mount.

Image via QU Shopping/Square Enix

However, there’s a chance these emotes could be added in the future. Items like the Fat Black Chocobo were initially exclusive to the Chinese servers before promotions added them to Japanese and Western data centers as well. Just don’t get your hopes up too much, as if it’s not been officially announced, there may be no way they make it into your region's game.

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