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Premium Island Greenfeed



ffxiv premium island greenfeed

Premium Island Greenfeed is one of three food types for livestock in FFXIV. It can only be found and created on players’ Island Sanctuary.

The feed can be crafted by combining four total units of two different vegetables grown on your island’s farm. For example, two parsnips and two pumpkins. You need at least two vegetables of two different types to craft it. This will produce three units of Premium Island Greenfeed each time. In other words, two cabbages and two Popotos become three units of Premium Island Greenfeed, and so on. The feed can then be given to animals to alleviate their hunger using the “Feed Mode” on your sanctuary.

Island Sanctuary animals have four stages of hunger:

  • Starving (hungriest)
  • Hungry
  • Satisfied
  • Stuffed (fullest)

Any type of feed will automatically achieve the maximum level of “Stuffed” for a short time. After which animals’ individual hunger gauges will gradually worsen until they reach “Starving.” The hungrier an animal gets, their lower their mood will become, and the fewer materials they will produce when gathered from.

There are five levels of mood for animals on Island Sanctuary. They are:

  • Hostile (lowest)
  • Unhappy
  • Content
  • Chipper
  • Gleeful (highest)

While it’s true that any type of feed will make an animal “Stuffed,” different food types improve their mood by different levels. As the highest quality of food, Premium Island Greendfeed will raise an animal’s mood by two levels at a time — just like the cheaper Island Greenfeed. However, the premium version can increase their mood all the way up to the maximum cap of “Gleeful.”

You can craft any type of animal sustenance from the “Feed” section of the Sanctuary Crafting Log in your Islekeep’s Index (the special menu that appears anytime you return to your Island Sanctuary).

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This assortment of vegetables is the veritable cream of the crop, prepared as feed for animals in the sanctuary pasture. Perfectly filling, a serving of this exquisite fodder will leave animals feeling jubilant and revitalized. [Improves mood up to: Gleeful]