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Modern Aesthetics - Ambitious Ends


Of all the additions that came with Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.45, one that may have flown under the radar is a new hairstyle known as Ambitious Ends. Fashionistas and collectors looking to add the new hairdo to the aesthetician must look towards Mount Rokkon to unlock it.

New ways to customize your Warrior of Light are always appreciated, helping your character stand out and feel unique amongst the millions of players in Eorzea. Ambitious Ends adds to the many customization options in FFXIV, providing players windswept locks that will surely give the feeling of being a model to go along with their signature "Blue Steel."

The true endgame of making your Warrior of Light look their best never ends. As new gear sets and hairstyles are released, the thought will always be, "I wonder if I'll look good in that?" In the case of the Ambitious Ends hairstyle, Hrothgar and Viera players aren't left out of the question.

Showcase of Viera and Hrothgar wearing Ambitious Ends hairstyle
 Image via Square Enix

How to unlock Ambitious Ends in FFXIV

Those looking to unlock the hairstyle must exchange six Rokkan Potsherds to the Guildship Exchange, Trisassant (X: 12.0, Y:13.3), in Old Sharlayan. Players must complete one run of the Variant Dungeon added alongside the Ambitious Ends hairstyle in Patch 6.45, "Mount Rokkon," before exchanging Rokkon Potsherds becomes available.

In-game menu showing Ambitious Ends hairstyle
 Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

As the name implies, you receive Rokkon Potsherds through the progression of Mount Rokkon. By opening the chests found after each of the two bosses found on a route, players receive one Rokkan Potsherd after the first boss and two after the second. With six Rokkan Potsherds required, collectors must complete two runs of any Mount Rokkon routes for the required currency. Two different endings aren't needed, as repeating the same route multiple times will reward the same amount of potsherds. Completing all of the paths, however, offers their own reward.

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Dillon is the Senior Game Guides Editor at Fanbyte. He's been writing about video games for 15 years and has thousands of hours logged in FFXIV and hundreds of hours in Destiny 2.

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