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Loporrit Tribal Quests FFXIV Guide – Unlock Quest & Mount

In the latest Tribal Quest series, you’ll find your way by crafting in the Year of the Rabbit.

The latest update for Final Fantasy XIV is here! Patch 6.35 adds some smaller content to game, including Eureka Orthos and the new Manderville Relic quests. There’s also a new series of Tribal Quests, however! While the previous sets of quests had you helping the Omicron in Ultima Thule, these quests have you pitching in with the Loporrits on Mare Lamentorum.

The Loporrits were made to shepherd the denizens of Etheirys to a new star, but the Warrior of Light prevented the need for that task. This leaves the diminutive rabbit-like beings without a clear purpose. Like the previous tier of daily quests, your combat skills won’t be of any use, as these Tribal Quests are looking for the Disciples of the Hand among you.

FFXIV Loporrit Tribal Quest Upgrade

How to Unlock the Loporrit Tribal Quests in FFXIV

For the Omicron Tribal Quests, you were free of having to complete any prerequisite quests. That’s not the case for the Loporrits. You need to have finished the Dreamingway sidequests, which begin with the quest “Name That Way” from Knockingway in Mare Lamentorum (X: 22.0, Y: 10.7). While most completed that quest since it unlocked an Aether Current, it’s unlikely that you finished the follow-up quests, starting with “A Way to Make a Living” from Dreamingway in Mare Lamentorum (X: 23.7, Y: 12.1) and ending with “Dream A Little Dream”. This latter quest is the prerequisite needed for the Loporrit Tribal Quests.

Once you’ve completed that quest and “Endwalker”, the final quest of the Endwalker main scenario, you can pick up “Must Be Dreaming(way)” from Dreamingway in Old Sharlayan (X: 11.7, Y: 10.9). This will start you on the new questline, which takes you back to Bestways Burrow. To access the quest you need to have a Disciple of the Hand at Level 80. So you’ll need to have previously leveled any of the crafting classes to the beginning of Endwalker to proceed!

Finishing the initial Tribal questline will take you to “Friendly” reputation with the Loporrits, unlock the Tribal Vendor N-0598 at Ultima Thule (X: 27.7, Y: 24.7), and open up the Tribal daily quests. You’ll pick up the daily quests from Stigma-4 at Ultima Thule (X: 27.8, Y: 24.4).

FFXIV Loporrit Tribal Quests Moonhopper Mount

Loporrit Tribal Quest Rewards — How To Unlock The Moon-hopper Mount and Findingway Minion

The Loporrit Tribe is dedicated to finding a new purpose now that the world is no longer ending. If you help them find their way, you’ll unlock brand-new rewards from the Tribal Vendor.

You’ll be able to do three daily quests every 24 hours. As you complete the quest, you’ll gain 60 Loporrit Relations, the Tribal reputation, and one Loporrit Carat. Each Reputation level offers a new set of rewards from the Tribal Vendor, purchasable with Carats. At Friendly, you’ll only be able to purchase gatherer-centric IX and X Materia, but as you climb the ranks, you’ll gain access to more items.

FFXIV Loporrit Tribal Quest Vendor

Once you’ve reached the “Sworn” reputation with the Loporrit, you’ll be able to purchase the Moon-Hopper mount. Coiningway at Mare Lamentorum (X: 17.4, Y: 15.8) will likely sell you the Moon-hopper Identification Key for 18 Loporrit Carats. You can then use the key to add the mount to your list! You can also pick up the Findingway Minion for 8 Loporrit Carats.

While you dutifully fulfill your obligations to the Loporrit, there’s still more to do in Final Fantasy XIV, especially during Patch 6.35! While you’re out there tackling the Loporrit Tribal Quests, you can also finish the new Manderville Relic quests or tackle Eureka Orthos! We’ll have all the information on all the patch content right here at the Linkshell!

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