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How to Unlock the Vanu Vanu Tribe Quests in FFXIV - Quests & Vendor Items

Note that the Vanu Vanu Tribal Quests require a lot of flying and a bit of patience...

The Vanu Vanu tribe of FFXIV brings us back to Heavensward as we look at another series of Tribal Quests! This is another combat-oriented activity (formerly known as Beast Tribe quests before Endwalker). Ready your flying mounts, too, because these all happen in the Sea of Clouds region of Abalathia’s Spine. This is where you can help the dancing birds get back on their feet. Er… wings? Whichever! Let’s just look at how to unlock the Vanu Vanu tribe in FFXIV and while checking out their vendor items.

These particular quests are available to complete on combat jobs Level 50 and above. That includes Blue Mage, if you need a way to level that special class. You can typically complete up to three quests for the Vanu Vanu per day — leveling up your Reputation with the tribe until you reach “Bloodsworn.” That’s rank eight, for the record. You can check this rank under the “Reputation” tab of your Character menu at any time. All of your other Tribal Quest ranks are listed there as well.

ffxiv vanu vanu tribal quests

Despite being available to all Level 50 combat jobs, you must first complete the Level 57 Main Scenario Quest “A Difference of Opinion,” which is part of the Heavensward storyline. After which you can start the mission “three Beaks to the Wind” Abalathia’s Spine – The Sea of Clouds (X: 11.7, Y: 14.8). Speak to the marked NPC named Sonu Vanu to begin. You will gain access to the daily, repeatable quests after this one is complete. It’s the same process with every other Tribal Quest series in FFXIV!

Let’s still take a look at all of the story quest locations for future reference, though. Each of these become available as you reach every new Reputation level with the Vanu Vanu. Unless otherwise noted, every quest is offered by Linu Vali in The Sea of Clouds (X: 6.6, Y: 14.3):

  • “Three Beaks to the Wind” (Level 50): Starting Quest
  • “A Tribal Reunion” (Level 50): Available at Maximum Neutral Reputation
  • “Linu’s Lovely Bones” (Level 50): Available at Maximum Recognized Reputation
  • “In the Skycage over the Sea” (Level 50): Available at Maximum Friendly Reputation
  • “Fishing for Friendship” (Level 50): Available at Maximum Trusted Reputation
  • “Sundrop the Beat” (Level 50): Available at Maximum Respected Reputation
  • “Nest Side Story” (Level 50): Available at Maximum Honored Reputation
  • “The Nest of Honor” (Level 50): Available at Maximum Sworn Reputation; completes the Vanu Vanu questline

Just like most other Tribal Quests, you will receive three daily objectives to complete every 24 hours. Most require you to simply go to a place, kill an enemy, use a special mount to interact with an object, or collect something. Pick up all three dailies at once and you can knock them out in roughly 10 minutes. Though the Vanu Vanu quests tend to take a bit longer than most due to the hefty travel times in The Sea of Clouds.

However, you only get 12 total Tribal Quest “allowances” per day to use across all the different tribes in FFXIV. Note that you can always check your total remaining number of allowances from the “Timers” section on the Duty menu. You’ll find them near the bottom of the screen.

ffxiv vanu vanu items

Vanu Vanu Tribe Items – FFXIV Tribal Quest Guide

As you complete daily quests for the Vanu Vanu, you’ll earn experience, reputation, and a unique currency called Vanu Whitebone. This can be turned over to the tribe vendor, Luna Vanu, in The Sea of Clouds (X: 7.0, Y: 14.3). The vendor makes more and more offerings available as rise through Reputation ranks with the Tribe. Some items are also available for standard gil (the default currency of Final Fantasy).

The fun stuff comes at higher levels of Reputation. Most of it is also cosmetic — such as a mount, a minion, and a set of Level 1 armor meant to be used as Glamour (it doesn’t have much combat value to speak of). The design is based on the look of the Vanu Vanu themselves, but the vendor also sells some generic, low-level crafting materials. You can also buy Retainer Ventures here (just like from other tribes).

Items available for purchase via gil are found under the Purchase Items section of Luna Vanu’s inventory. These include the following:

  • Shaded Visor – 7,955 gil
  • Vanu Vanu Head – 40,000 gil
  • Vanu Vanu Body – 130,000 gil
  • Vanu Vanu Arms – 30,000 gil
  • Vanu Vanu Waist – 70,000 gil
  • Vanu Vanu Legs – 30,000 gil
  • Birch Sap – 468 gil
  • Starflower – 1,140 gil
  • Whiteloom – 1,235 gil
  • Birch Branch – 980 gil
  • Wind-up Gundu Warrior (minion) – 30,000 gil
  • Wind-up Zundu Warrior (minion) – 30,000 gil
  • Sanuwa Horn (mount) – 200,000 gil
  • Cold Knight’s Cookfire (furniture) – 9,772 gil
  • Gnath Thorax – 130,000 gil (requires unlocking Allied Tribal Quests for Heavensward tribes)
  • Zundu Head – 40,000 gil (requires unlocking Allied Tribal Quests for Heavensward tribes)
  • Zundu Body – 130,000 gil (requires unlocking Allied Tribal Quests for Heavensward tribes)
  • Zundu Arms – 30,000 gil (requires unlocking Allied Tribal Quests for Heavensward tribes)
  • Zundu Waist – 70,000 gil (requires unlocking Allied Tribal Quests for Heavensward tribes)
  • Zundu Legs – 30,000 gil (requires unlocking Allied Tribal Quests for Heavensward tribes)

And here are the items available via Black Copper Gil Exchange:

  • Vanu Vanu Head – x9 Black Copper Gil
  • Vanu Vanu Body – x9 Black Copper Gil
  • Vanu Vanu Arms – x4 Black Copper Gil
  • Vanu Vanu Waist – x4 Black Copper Gil
  • Vanu Vanu Legs – x4 Black Copper Gil
  • Venture – x1 Black Copper Gil
  • Unidentifiable Bone – x6 Black Copper Gil
  • Unidentifiable Shell – x6 Black Copper Gil
  • Unidentifiable Ore – x6 Black Copper Gil
  • Unidentifiable Seeds – x6 Black Copper Gil
  • Birch Sap – x1 Black Copper Gil
  • Starflower – x1 Black Copper Gil
  • Whiteloom – x1 Black Copper Gil
  • Birch Branch – x1 Black Copper Gil
  • Coming Home Orchestrion Roll – x3 Black Copper Gil

None of these items are particularly valuable on the Market Board. However, both the minion and the mount are nice to have for your collection! Ventures are also quite good, but these are available at many other vendors throughout the game. Unidentifiable Shells and Unidentifiable Ore are, finally, also somewhat valuable when converted into Grade 3 Topsoil to sell to players with gardens.

Arguably, though, the Vanu Vanu Tribal Quests are most useful for helping players level up their Level 50-59 combat jobs — such as the aforementioned Blue Mage. Ranking up in Vanu Vanu Reputation also increases the amount of XP you get for each daily quest. Including after you reach the Bloodsworn rank. Plus, you get a bit of cash and a stipend of Allagan Tomestones of Poetics for every one of these older Tribal Quest you complete! Those can even be converted into gil as well with a bit of legwork.

And that should be all you need to know about the Vanu Vanu Tribal Quests in FFXIV! Best of luck helping your new and feathered friends make their home in the skies above Eorzea.

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