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How to Spend Sacks of Nuts in FFXIV: The Best Items to Buy

Wow, you might even call these prices... really high!

In Final Fantasy XIV, Sacks of Nuts quickly replace Centurio Seals as the number one currency received from daily and weekly hunts. You can acquire them from Guildship hunts in Endwalker, but the process actually begins as early as Shadowbringers via Clan Nutsy hunts. Hence the ridiculous currency name. Which is, again, Sacks of Nuts… There’s also a limit to how many you can hold at once, like many other FFXIV currencies, so it’s important to spend early and often. That of course raises the question of where to spend your nuts in FFXIV. Not to mention the best items to buy with every sack. That’s why we’ve put together this guide and what you should prioritize while making your way through your hunts!

Before we begin, note that the total capacity on Sacks of Nuts is 4,000 — just like Centurio Seals and Allied Seals. You won’t reach that limit very quickly. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on your Currency tab under the FFXIV “Character” menu just the same. You don’t ever want to start picking up more nuts than you can carry (a process which is called “overcapping” that is something we want to avoid at all times).

Also, sorry in advance for all the awkward phrasing around nuts… It’s impossible to avoid and I’m simply not going to take the time or effort to rewrite every sentence in this guide to avoid nut puns. This is the hand Square Enix has dealt us, I’m afraid.

Sacks of Nut Hunt Basics

By way of a very basic explanation (or a refresher if you’re just getting back into FFXIV after a long break), Sacks of Nuts are acquired from hunt missions, or “Mark Bills.” There are many different kinds of hunts throughout FFXIV. The ones we’re concerned about in this case are those that award Sacks of Nuts: a special currency that becomes available after reaching Shadowbringers. With the release of Endwalker, there are two factions that dole out hunts which award Sacks of Nuts: Clan Nutsy and the Old Sharlayan Guildship.

Clan Nutsy hunts become available after the Level 70 Main Scenario Quest “Travelers of Norvrandt.” After that, you can access the mission “Nuts to You” from the NPC “Hume Lout” (X: 12.1, Y: 15.0). The Guildship Hunt follows an almost identical pattern after reaching Old Sharlayan — just speak to the NPC “Diminutive Gleaner” (X: 11, Y: 12) to start the quest “The Hunt for Specimens.” From then on you can accept hunts from the Nuts Board (X: 9.5, Y: 9.4) in the Crystarium and from the Guildship Hunt Board (X: 11.8, Y: 13.2) in Old Sharlayan. Next to each board is also a vendor who will sell you that expansion’s respective hunt items. In exchange for, you guessed it, Sacks of Nuts.

New (extremely short) side quests will become available at these locations as you level up any FFXIV combat Job to Level 80 and then Level 90. Each of these new side quests (which are really just glorified cutscenes) unlocks a new level of nut hunts. Until finally you can accept 15 daily hunts and one weekly hunt from both Nutsy and the Guildship.

Each stack of hunts will appear in the “Key Items” tab of your inventory, containing five targets in total alongside their location in the world. From here on out, you simply need to go to each location and kill the specified target. That’s it! Your rewards — a stipend of gil, XP, and Sacks of Nuts — will be deposited automatically. The hunts don’t expire once you have them. However, you can only accept new hunts of a given category after completing the hunt or deleting the Mark Bills from your Key Items inventory.

Endgame Gear Upgrades

This is one of the best things to spend your nuts on in FFXIV. Though it’s not necessarily the best way to get the items in question. Namely: Radiant Coating and Radiant Twine. There’s also Radiant Roborant, but this isn’t available for Sacks of Nuts.

The other two items are simply the latest in a long line of upgrade materials used to boost your endgame gear. In Shadowbringers, they were called “Crypt Coating” and “Crypt Twine.” Whatever the next expansion is will likely change the name again — keeping the coating, twine, and roborant categories for continuity.

These items always do roughly the same thing, though. Just with different naming conventions. You trade one Radiant Twine and one piece of Radiant armor (purchased using Tomestones of Astronomy), for example, in exchange for one piece of Augmented Radiant Gear. Augmented armor is more-or-less the same as its non-Augmented counterpart: just with better stats and a higher Item Level. This is one of the chief ways of reaching the very highest Item Levels in FFXIV. Typically after the release of a new Alliance Raid. In this case, that would be the “Myths of the Realm” raid series beginning with Aglaia.

Twine and coating function almost identically. Yet twine costs 50% more than coating (3,000 Sacks of Nuts versus 2,000 Sacks of Nuts). That’s because Radiant Twine is used to augment Radiant armor while Radiant Coating is used to augment Radiant accessories. Upgrading accessories is nearly always easier (read: cheaper) than upgrading armor in FFXIV. The cheapest Radiant armor, for instance, costs 495 Tomestones of Astronomy. Whereas every single accessory costs 375 of the same.

These items are best-in-slot armor choices at the time of their release. Though slightly better weapons can be acquired from Savage and, yeesh, Ultimate raids. Even those are eventually supplanted by Relic Weapons; it just depends on how much you want to grind and what kind of grind you enjoy.

Speaking of which: 3,000 Sacks of Nuts will take you 12 real-world days of hunts. That’s if you do everything. One set of daily hunts from either Clan Nutsy or the Guildship board in Old Sharlayan will earn you 110 per day. Doing both will then obviously net you 220 every 24 hours. That would normally only be 2,640 total Sacks of Nuts — yet each of the boards will also gives you one weekly hunt at the usual Tuesday reset. These are worth 100 Sacks of nuts each for a total of 400 more across two weekly reset periods. Hence 12 days in total.

That’s actually not a bad deal. The other ways to get twine and coating include Savage raids (which are significantly more difficult and require multiple completions for just one twine or coating) and completing the most recent Alliance Raid (which has a limit of one twine or coating per real-world week). If you don’t mess with Savage activities at all, this is your only way to get more than one piece or endgame gear per week. Not to mention it’s more than a 50% faster intake of endgame gear upgrades. Moreso when you get the accessories.

You can significantly speed up this process if you do some work to set up Discord notifications for the rare S-Rank Hunts which are not included in this math. These legendary foes require two dozen players at once to take them down and those in Shadowbringers and Endwalker both award up to 100 Sacks of Nuts each. There is a three to six day timer on each monster, however, so if you’re really set on farming Sacks of Nuts this way, you will need to travel to other worlds on your data center.

On that note, buy coating with your Sacks of Nuts. Not twine. At least when you’re starting out. The reason for this is that one Aglaia Coin nets you one Radiant Twine or one Radiant Coating. It’s the same price no matter what. That means your Alliance Raid earnings are better spent on the more expensive Radiant Twine. Whereas your Sacks of Nuts are more flexible (ugh). It only takes eight days to get one Radiant Coating with nuts: all your available dailies plus three of your four weeklies spread over that period. Any leftover Sacks of Nuts can then be put towards your next purchase of a Radiant Coating or Radiant Twine (once you run out of accessories to augment).

To sum things up:

  1. Run your Clan Nutsy and Guildship hunts every single day (and week)
  2. Save up at least 2,000 Sacks of Nuts
  3. Speak to J’lakshai: Guildship Hunt Vendor (X: 11.9, Y: 13.3) in Old Sharlayan
  4. Purchase a Radiant Coating for 2,000 Sacks of Nuts
  5. Trade 1x Radiant Coating and 1x Radiant accessory, such as earrings, to Khaldeen: Gear Exchange (X: 10.9, Y: 10.4) in Radz-at-Han
  6. Repeat until you have all the Augmented Radiant accessories you want
  7. Switch to purchasing Radiant Twine for 3,000 Sacks of Nuts
  8. Trade 1x Radiant Twine and 1x Radiant armor piece, such as gloves, to Khaldeen
  9. Repeat until you have all the Augmented Radiant armor you want!

It’s a lot to take in, but the process thankfully doesn’t just much from expansion to expansion these days. You just need to know who to speak with and where to go!

forgiven reticence ffxiv nuts

A Quick Look at Cosmetics

The most exclusive thing you can spend your Sacks of Nuts on are mounts, minions, and fashion accessories. There are several available to choose from and each is uniquely to the nut vendors. The two big mounts are a Vinegaroon (available in Endwalker) and Forgiven Reticence (available in Shadowbringers).

These cost a whopping 3,200 Sacks of Nuts. Each. That’s 80 percent of a full supply. Put another way, assuming you started from zero and did every available Guildship and Clan Nutsy hunt, it takes 13 real-world days to afford just one of the mounts. Yet collectors will probably want to take the time out of their busy schedules for at least one of them. While the Vinegaroon is a pretty basic T-rex analogue. You can see it for yourself as an enemy in the Dravanian Forelands.

On the other hand, the Forgiven Reticence Horn provides your own personal Sin Eater mount. The winged lion sort with a golden crown shown in the Shadowbringers intro cinematic and during various parts of the campaign.

This is… a bit disconcerting from a lore perspective. We discover what Sin Eaters actually are pretty early on in the story of Shadowbringers. Either way, this one looks undeniably cool to ride around on once you unlock it.

Besides these mounts, there are also a few basic minions. They’re nothing much to write home about, but notably cheaper than the rideable creatures at just 800 nuts apiece. We recommend the Wind-up Nou Mou and the Nagxian Cat as the cutest available options. You can also get some Orchestrion Rolls (i.e. music tracks) and themed Striking Dummies if you have a house to decorate.

The most unique item available, however, is simply a pair of Diabolos Wings. These are classified as a “Fashion Accessory,” in official FFXIV parlance, meaning you can only wear them under certain circumstances. You can find the Fashion Accessories tab under the “Character” menu just like your currencies. Yet the wings won’t work in combat or even when you have your weapon drawn. All the same, they’re good for gpose and when walking around Limsa Lominsa and the like. Just like parasols and other, similar accessories! These cost the same as the minions: 800 Sacks of Nuts.

You can see both the Vinegaroon and Forgiven Reticence in motion with our FFXIV Model Viewer under the “All Creatures” section!

Another Materia Material

Combat Materia is perfect for when you just don’t know what to spend your nuts on in FFXIV. We really don’t recommend it under other circumstances, though, since the exchange rate is abysmal. Grade VII and IX Materia will set you back 150 Sacks of Nuts apiece. Grades VIII and X go for almost three times that number at a staggering 400 nuts apiece. That’s two days’ worth of hunts (not including your weeklies) for just one piece of Materia. For comparison, you could run just one Leveling Roulette as an Adventurer in Need to claim a Grade X and two Grade IX pieces of Materia (the equivalent of 700 Sacks of Nuts, or more than three days’ worth of hunts).

This only really becomes worth it after you acquire every other possible thing you could want from Sacks of Nuts purchases. Hence why it’s the last item on this list. Cosmetics in this case are one-time purchases. Twine and coating also cannot be sold on the Market Board. This means you can’t flip any of the other items available for nuts for gil. That basically just leaves the Materia. If you find yourself still stocking up on Sacks of Nuts as you level up alternate Jobs, this is the final way to profit from them in the process.

And that’s it for now! Just remember that the FFXIV hunt changes with every expansion. These basics should still serve you very well for quite some time to come. Best of luck!

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