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How to Rank Up PvP Series Levels Fast in FFXIV

There's a few tricks to make PvP Series fly by!

In Final Fantasy XIV PvP Series' are a limited-time battle-pass style unlock tree that requires players to rank up to obtain rewards. Since they’re limited-time and often not the primary content people look to complete, it is sometimes the case that players either need to finish a PvP series quickly before it is removed or want to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

But instead of just queuing endlessly for PvP, there are ways to obtain Series EXP that make the process more efficient. Even if you're not a fan of PvP, the rewards can be pretty sweet, and most players will suffer through it long enough to get to the goodies. Here are the best ways to rank up your PvP Series Levels Fast in FFXIV.

How long does it take to get through the FFXIV PvP Series?

One of the unintuitive things about PvP Series leveling is the fact that as you progress, levels take more experience, so progression isn't linear. As a result, even though it can seem like you're quite far in the Series, you might have a lot more work left to go. Remember that: 

  • Rank 11 is 25 percent of the way to completion
  • Rank 17 is 50 percent of the way to completion
  • Rank 22 is 75 percent of the way to completion

Don't get disheartened levelling your Series. Those later levels can feel brutal, but knowing the best methods to gain a lot of experience fast will be helpful in your journey to earn those cool rewards.

Best ways to rank up PvP Series levels fast in FFXIV

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While any PvP duty gives you Series EXP, some are better than others. If you're looking for a breakdown on all of the EXP given for each kind of PvP content, this guide will explain each one in more detail. For PvP Series EXP, here are best methods for leveling up your PVP Series Levels.

Always do your Frontline Roulette

Frontline is the only PvP mode with its own dedicated Roulette, and you should absolutely take advantage of it. A win grants 1,500 Series EXP, second place gives 1,250 Series EX, and even last place gives 1,000 Series XP. At early levels, this is practically an entire Series Level on its own, and even as you level higher it’s incredibly valuable.

Frontline gives more experience than Crystalline Conflict

As mentioned above, Frontline gives a lot of Series EXP, and more than Crystalline Conflict. That makes it a better option for ranking up your Series EXP, even if Crystalline Conflict matches are a bit quicker. That said…

Crystalline Conflict queues are faster during non-peak times

Crystalline Conflict, due to the smaller team size, has faster queues during non-peak times. If you’re playing in the middle of the day when people are at school or work, in the very late evenings, or very early mornings, Crystalline Conflict is a better option, despite only offering 900 Series EXP for a win and 700 for a loss.

Look for PvP groups and communities to get quicker PvP queue times

The best way to get Series EXP and level up is by taking part in as much PvP as possible. That said, it’s not always the liveliest bit of content. However, by participating in queue syncs, events, and other community initiatives, you can get lesser-played game modes like Rival Wings to pop, and reap the Series EXP from them. Joining discord groups like PvP Revival can help, but also foster your own group of PvP friends in-game to make this kind of content easy to enjoy!

Plan your PvP around peak times

This is more general advice but applies to both individual days and overall release schedules, but you should time schedule PvP around peak playing times. PvP is naturally more active in the early evening and weekends, so aim to play around that time. But beyond this, PvP is most active at the beginning of patches, and just before Series are coming to an end. As a result, you can best time your PvP grind around PvP-centric patch releases.

Get good and win games

It's just a fact that the more wins you have in PvP, the quicker you'll advance your Series. Now, it's not recommended to become a hardcore PvPer who rages at teammates, but if you're keeping your win/loss ratio above 50 percent then you're likely finishing the PvP series a lot quicker than most. Practice your PvP rotation, look up guides, and just work on your play. The better you are at PvP, the easier the unlocks will come.

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