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How to Get the Reference Emote in Final Fantasy XIV

Got into an argument? Now you can use the Reference emote to make a point when you end up being right.

Players in general know that part of the fun in Final Fantasy XIV is to use cool emotes to interact with their friends. They can go for a modest /bow to show some respect to a fellow player at the beginning of a dungeon to an unexpected /slap to one of their Free Company mates.

With FFXIV Patch 6.45, players can get the Reference emote, a new action to be added to their library of performances. Considering how varied the situations of interaction in FFXIV are, players look for new emotes in order to better express themselves in each of these scenarios.

The Reference emote is the perfect expression for players that want to prove a point that Y’shtola is the best character in the game and literally point to the reasons why. But, when it comes to getting the Reference emote, although the process is not difficult, it might take some time.

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How to get Ballroom Etiquette – Scrupulous Citations in Final Fantasy XIV

To get the Reference emote in FFXIV, players need to buy the Ballroom Etiquette – Scrupulous Citations item from Trisassant in Old Sharlayan at X: 12.0 Y: 13.3. This item, however, can’t be bought with gil. Players need to exchange Rokkon Potsherds, an item that can only be acquired in the new Variant Dungeon Mount Rokkon. In order to buy the Scrupulous Citations, players need a total of nine Rokkon Potsherds.

During a run of Mount Rokkon, at least three Rokkon Potsherds are dropped, one at the first boss, and two after the last. This means players will need a few runs of the Variant Dungeon to get the required amount of currency to buy it. Once players have enough of them, they can talk to Trissant and use the Ballroom Etiquette – Scrupulous Citations, found in the inventory, to learn the reference emote.

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