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How to Get the Megaloambystoma Axolotl Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

It's so cute but so hard to get!

Out of all of the mounts that producer Naoki Yoshida showed during the Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter from the Producers ahead of Patch 6.4, the axolotl mount was by far one of the cutest. Players were thinking maybe it would come in the form of Faux Leaves or from Island Sanctuaries, but it turns out the little pink floating creature is going to be a lot harder to obtain.

The Axolotl mount, which is called the Megaloambystoma mount in the game, is a pink floating axolotl that players are eager to get their hands on. Typically mounts like this do come from easier to complete content, but this time developers locked the creature behind some of the hardest content in the game.

How to get the axolotl mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Image via Square Enix

The Megaloambystoma mount is obtained after completion of Pandaemonium Anabaseios: The Twelfth Circle (Savage) according to data mined information. Savage content is some of the hardest in the game, so a large majority of players who collect mounts will not be able to obtain this one. Typically, Savage fights are completed by coordinated parties that have a set schedule to engage in the fight. It is possible to complete the Savage Raids in the Party Finder, but it will take a lot longer than if players come together to progress clearing Savage fights with the same group each time.

The player base doesn’t seem to be too happy about it, either.

Although there’s no official percentage of players who engage in Savage content versus those who don’t, the general consensus among the community is that the large majority of average players do not do Savage content. So now, the those who want the mount will have to wait several years before they’ll be able to complete the content unsynced in order to have a shot at the mount.

Even those who do Savage content will likely need to clear it multiple times to get it, since there will be eight players rolling for it each time. Savage clears sometime take weeks to months for groups to clear, meaning even those who do the content regularly will still have a hard time getting their axolotl mount.

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