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How to Get the Google-eyed Dogu Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

It looks judgmental but friend shaped.

Among the new minions added in Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.4 is the Google-eyed Dogu, a tiny floating statue guaranteed to win any staring contest. Warriors of Light looking to add the minion to their collection will need to spend some time in their Free Company’s workshop.

The Google-eyed Dogu, as its name implies, is based on dogū statues made during prehistoric times in Japan. FFXIV director and producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida first briefly showcased the minion during Live Letter 77, but the method of obtaining it was a mystery at the time.

Google-eyed dogu minion
Image via Square Enix

Where to find the Google-eyed Dogu in Final Fantasy XIV

According to data mined information, the Google-eyed Dogu is a reward from Subaquatic Voyages in The Lilac Sea 2 area. Subaquatic Voyages are an endeavor taken on by Free Companies through their Company Workshops, requiring the outfitting of various submersibles and sending them out on day-long missions to explore uncharted territories. 

The rewards for these voyages are never guaranteed, so obtaining the Google-eyed Dogu will be a game of luck and perseverance. Since Subaquatic Voyages take upwards of 18 hours to complete, those looking to grab the new ever-staring companion might be trying for days, even weeks, to get it, assuming they have the proper voyage routes unlocked.

The Google-eyed Dogu will require some group effort for players who aim to obtain it for themselves. It is market tradeable, however, so once Free Companies start bringing in more of them through Subaquatic Voyages, you could grab one through the market board if you had the gil to spare.

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