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How to Farm Bozjan Clusters in FFXIV

Gathering clusters doesn't have to leave you flustered.

Warriors of Light have several reasons to take to the battlefield of the Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV, like experiencing the "Save the Queen" storyline for the first time, or gathering materials for their Resistance Relic Weapons. Some players are searching for a currency unique to the Southern Front to exchange for special rewards.

Bozjan Clusters, as their name implies, come from the Save the Queen areas like the Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor. Players exchange these clusters to the resistance for a wide variety of rewards, like mounts, minions, emotes, and fashion accessories. Unlike "mettle," which is used as a replacement for experience towards the Warrior of Light's Resistance Rank, clusters don't drop from the Critical Engagement FATEs that act as the main objectives of the southern front.

The various Legion enemies spread across the map are the key to earning Bozjan Clusters, since defeating them can drop one cluster from each mob. Because of this, players have created methods to amass clusters as quickly as possible.

Farming methods for Bozjan Clusters in FFXIV

Farming Bozjan Clusters requires the knowledge of which enemies provide them. Not every enemy on the Southern Front belongs to the Legion. Therefore, only some enemies drop the clusters. Here is every enemy that has a chance to drop a Bozjan Cluster upon defeating them:

Enemies in The Bozjan Southern Front

4th Legion Hexadrone
4th Legion Slasher
4th Legion Vanguard
4th Legion Avenger
4th Legion Nimrod
4th Legion Scorpion
4th Legion Armored Weapon
4th Legion Death Claw
4th Legion Gunship
4th Legion Roader

Enemies in Zadnor

4th Legion Death Machine
4th Legion Infantry
4th Legion Colossus
4th Legion Satellite

While Zadnor, the second Save the Queen area, has enemies capable of providing Bozjan Clusters, the Bozjan Southern Front is preferred for farming due to having more enemies.

FFXIV Bozja Legion Enemies
Image via Square Enix

The higher the enemy's rank, denoted by a Roman numeral on their nameplate of ,or , the greater the chance of receiving a Bozjan Cluster upon defeating them. Killing a Legion mob isn't a guarantee to drop the Bozjan Cluster you're seeking, and some of the more coveted items that require clusters in exchange cost almost 200, nearly the maximum amount you can hold. You'll need to be able to kill several enemies quickly, have enough survivability to take on a group of enemies at once, or, ideally, combine the two if you aim to earn Bozjan Clusters quickly.

The Party Method

The most obvious way of defeating enemies as quickly as possible is to have a party dedicated to farming Bozjan Clusters. It's simple math — the more damage you can dish out, the faster the enemy dies. Each player can earn a cluster within a party whenever a Legion enemy is defeated, but the drop isn't shared amongst every member. While a Bozjan Cluster may be awarded to a few party members, the odds of the entire party getting it simultaneously are slim.

Your party's methods to farm these mobs may differ each time. Some parties prefer to stay together, with the entirety of the party focusing on one group of enemies to take them down as quickly as possible. If members of your party can handle themselves using Lost Actions, the faster method is to split the party across Bozja's different zones. There is no penalty for half of the party farming the northern section of the map while the rest stays in the center zone. Farming different groups of enemies at once means less downtime since the party isn't traveling as a whole between packs of mobs.

FFXIV Bozja Critical Engagement
Image via Square Enix

The best time to farm is during your particular server's peak hours. Otherwise, finding a party could take some time since the Bozjan Southern Front is no longer current content. Players use shout chat to find groups that align with their particular goals, whether it's Skirmishes, Critical Engagements, or in this case, cluster farming. If your instance is short on players, the Party Finder is known to have the occasional group looking to farm.

Solo Methods

If gathering a party has proven difficult or you fancy yourself a lone wolf, it's possible to gather clusters without a party. The process will take longer, but instead of relying on the help of other players, you'll instead use Lost Actions to fill in where potential party members could have helped.

Specific Lost Actions and Essences are only available to certain job roles like tanks, DPS, and healers, meaning there are a few combinations of abilities available to you in Save the Queen areas to facilitate solo farming of Bozjan Clusters.

The Bloodsucker Tank

Since survivability is a major requirement for pulling in packs of powerful Legion mobs, charging in as a tank and using the job's mitigation abilities makes for a fantastic option. Using the Essence of the Bloodsucker Lost Action, you'll increase your damage dealt and convert damage dealt back into HP. With Lost Rampage, a multi-target Lost Action attack with no damage falloff among enemies, you'll convert a portion of the massive damage dealt back into HP, keeping you alive during the onslaught of enemy attacks. Combining the two with well-timed uses of a Warrior's self-healing abilities could make you feel nearly invincible.

The Caster's Lost Flare

Another method for solo farming Bozjan Clusters is using a combination of the Lost Flare Star and Lost Impetus abilities under the Essence of the Breathtaker as a caster like Black Mage or Summoner. Lost Flare Star deals massive damage as an AOE attack and applies a 60-second damage-over-time effect. Some of the effects of Essence of the Breathtaker increase your evasion chance by 1 percent, along with an increase in movement speed. With Lost Impetus's own evasion increase and speed buff, you can quickly move between packs of enemies, spamming Lost Flare Star as often as possible to dish out damage while the DoT wears the mobs down. While your health pool won't be as hefty as a tank's, generous use of Resistance Potion Kits will assist in regenerating health to keep you alive.

The Best of Both Worlds

Using the knowledge of which Lost Actions are most beneficial to the different jobs can allow you to farm Bozjan Clusters even faster. Forming a party of eight and splitting into smaller groups of two to four members can allow you to cover a broader range of enemies, increasing the rate at which you defeat them and earn clusters. While it's certainly possible to farm clusters on your own or stick with a larger group, the fastest way is to spread out and work through as many enemies as possible to eliminate the downtime of traveling to the next pack.

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