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How to Change Stats of Manderville Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

Can we just slap a bandage on it and call it a day?

Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker has received the third step of progression for its Manderville Relic Weapons, and with it comes the ability to modify the weapon’s attributes. Players with previous expansions’ Relic Weapons will surely be all too familiar with this system, although new and returning players will likely need to learn how to change them.

The requirements for progressing to the third step of the Manderville Weapons have stayed the same since the first two. Each step requires 1,500 Allagan Tomestones of Causality to exchange for materials — three Amplifying Achondrite, for the third step — from Jubrunnah, the Tomestone Exchange, at Radz-at-Han (X: 12.2, Y: 10.9).

After forging the next step of your legendary weapon, you must allocate two focuses with the gear’s stats. This decision is not permanent, so breathe a sigh of relief if you don’t know which to choose. If you’ve already chosen the stats but realize there may be better choices, Jubrunnah and the House Manderville Alchemist have you covered.

Third step of Reaper's Manderville Weapon
Image via Square Enix

How to change stats of Manderville Relic Weapon in FFXIV

The House Manderville Alchemist can be found next to the Artisan that crafts your weapon at Radz-at-Han (X: 12.1, Y: 7.2). Before speaking to him, you’ll need to hand over 500 more Allagan Tomestones of Causality to Jubrunnah in exchange for another Amplifying Achondrite. With the Manderville Weapon equipped and the material in tow, speak with the Manderville Alchemist to reallocate the stats of your weapon.

Location of Manderville Alchemist next to Manderville Artisan
Image via Square Enix

While the Manderville Weapons aren’t the most powerful in the game, with an item level of 645, they are some of the most accessible pieces of gear for endgame content. Participating in Duty Roulettes and other content as a level 90 job will quickly earn you Allagan Tomestones of Causality.

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