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FFXIV Pyros Relic Weapon Steps Guide: Quest Locations, Logos Actions

The land of ice is behind you, and the land of fire stands in front in this next phase of the Eureka Relic Weapons.

If Pagos showed you the frosty side of Eureka, then Pyros turns up the heat. This guide will cover Pyros Weapons, the third iteration of the Relic Weapons introduced in the Stormblood expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. None of these weapons are best-in-slot anymore, so you’re purely doing this for your own satisfaction or those sweet, sweet weapon glamours. There’s also some very cool armor to pick up here and you can learn how to unlock it toward the end of the guide.

For help on the whole process, be sure to use our main guide for the entire Eureka Relic questline. And if you need help grinding through the different zones, you can use our Eureka fast leveling guide.

How to Unlock Your Pyros Relic Weapon

Once again, there is a slight barrier in your path. You can’t start on your Pyros Relic adventure until you unlock the next region of Eureka that shares the same name. You’ll need to grab the “And We Shall Call It Pyros” from Rodney in Kugane (X: 8.6, Y: 14.2). To be eligible for the quest, you have to finish all of Krile’s Eureka Pagos quests.

Eureka has its own bespoke leveling system, the Elemental Level. Your character will gain Elemental Levels by completing content within Eureka, which will net you Elemental Experience Points. These levels will persist when you come and go from Eureka, so don’t worry about grinding it out all at once.

The Locations For Krile’s Eureka Pyros Quests

You can’t truly finish Eureka Pyros, or even start improving your Relic Weapon, until you finish the region’s storyline. Krile in Eureka Pyros (X:16.6, Y: 24.9; later X: 13.8, Y: 20.9) will offer you a series of quests, requiring you to find specific locations around the island. These quests come at specific Elemental Levels.

  • Level 38: Talk to Drake at Eureka Pyros (X:15.7, Y: 24) then find the Promising Scrap at (X: 18.6, Y: 30.6). This will unlock Logos Actions, which will be required to finish the story.
  • Level 38: The Firing Chamber (X: 23.8, Y: 17.0)
  • Level 40: The West Flamerock (X: 17.2, Y: 11.6)
  • Level 50: East Flamerock (X: 34.0, Y: 7.3) and The Cavern of the Second Cant (X: 14.5, Y: 37.6)

 Again, we make this process as painless as possible with our leveling guide for all Eureka zones.

How to Acquire Pyros Crystals

Upgrading your Elemental Relic will always require a certain combination of Pyros-specific crystals and other items found within the zone. As before, Pyros Crystals will drop when you kill Notorious Monsters in the region. You also need to acquire Logos Actions in order to upgrade your Relic Weapon in this phase. These are unique actions that can be equipped on any Job, similar to the Lost Actions of the Bozja Southern Front.

As you explore Eureka Pyros, you’ll find items called Logograms. If you take these back to Drake at Eureka Pyros (X:15.7, Y: 24) and appraise them, you’ll receive another type of item called Mnemes. When you combine three of these, you’ll get a specific Logos Action. You can equip up to three Logos Actions at one time. More importantly, each step for upgrading your Relic Weapon upgrade requires you to unlock a certain number of Logos Actions within the region.

The last item you’ll need is Penthesilea’s Flame, which drops from a specific Notorious Monster FATE. In this case, completing “Lost Epic,” an Elemental Level 50 Notorious Monster that appears in Eureka Pyros (X: 35.5, Y: 6.1). Finishing the encounter with a Gold rating will net you three (3) Penthesilea’s Flame. Alternatively, you can buy them from the Expedition Birdwatcher in Eureka Pyros (X: 17.6, Y: 25.3), for 50 Pyros Crystals each.

How to Upgrade Your Elemental Weapon to Pyros

You can upgrade your Elemental Weapon by talking to Gerolt in Eureka Pyros (X: 15.3, Y: 23.6). Your Elemental weapon will need to be upgraded three times in order to become a Pyros Weapon, each time improving the weapon’s stats slightly. Each upgrade costs a certain amount of Pyros items.

  • Elemental +1: Pyros Crystals (150), 10 Logos Actions unlocked
  • Elemental +2: Pyros Crystals (200), 20 Logos Actions unlocked
  • Pyros: Pyros Crystals (300), Penthesilea’s Flame (5), 30 Logos Actions unlocked

Once you hand over the final items, Gerolt will award you with the Pyros Relic Weapon, marking the end of the third upgrade phase! Head back to the main guide for information on the rest of the upgrade phases of your Eureka Relic Weapon. But wait, there’s more!

How to Gain the Elemental Armor

Eureka Pyros introduces another bit of gear you can acquire for some excellent glamour — this is the Elemental Gear set. These gear pieces aren’t Job-specific, instead falling back on the role-based convention: Fending, Maiming, Scouting, Casting, Striking, Aiming, and Healing. Each set is a five-piece ensemble.

You’ll find these gear sets in Eureka Pyros. Once you’ve unlocked your first Elemental weapon and obtained 50 Logos Actions, you’ll activate the Expedition Artisan in Eureka Pyros (X: 15.4, Y: 23.9). This vendor will sell you the Elemental Gear at a cost of 40 Pyros Crystals per piece, or 200 Pyros Crystals in total for the whole set.

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