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FFXIV Housing Lottery Schedule: Calendar Cycle for December 2023

FFXIV housing can be tough to understand, but we'll break down the schedule, how to place a bid, and what happens in the process.

The FFXIV housing lottery is back in action after a rough launch in Patch 6.1, and now it’s time to get those bids in. For those of you needing help in the chaos of entry periods, lottery results, claiming land, and making sense of the housing lottery schedule⁠—don’t worry. You’ve got your own little Linkshell real estate agent.

Anyone new to the house buying process should take a moment to review our in-depth guide on how Endwalker‘s new system works. However, if you’re somewhat familiar and just need the housing lottery schedule or the quick and dirty version of how this all goes down between cycles, we’ve got you covered here.

The FFXIV housing lottery schedule and when you can bid on a house.

If you meet the Free Company or personal requirements for buying, have the Gil in hand, and have unlocked any of FFXIV‘s five housing zones, then these dates are for you. We’ll keep the updates rolling, along with any news or reminders from Yoshi-P and his team, so keep this page bookmarked for later. Remember, the entry period is when you can place your bids, while the results period is for claiming winning tickets.

FFXIV Housing Lottery Schedule

Below is the current FFXIV housing lottery schedule. Want to easily see which plots are available? PaissaDB keeps track over on their website.

  • Bidding: The bidding period runs from Nov. 26 – Dec. 1 at 6:59 am (PST).
    • Results: The results period should end Dec. 5 at 6:59 am (PST).
  • Bidding: The bidding period runs from Dec. 5 – Dec. 10 at 6:59 am (PST).
    • Results: The results period should end Dec. 14 at 6:59 am (PST).
  • Bidding: The bidding period runs from Dec. 14  – Dec. 19 at 6:59 am (PST).
    • Results: The results period should end Dec. 23 at 6:59 am (PST).
  • Bidding: The bidding period runs from Dec. 23 – Dec. 27 at 6:59 am (PST).
    • Results: The results period should end Dec. 30  at 6:59 am (PST).
  • Bidding: The bidding period runs from Dec. 30 – Jan. 4 at 6:59 am (PST).
    • Results: The results period should end Jan. 8 at 6:59 am (PST).

We’ll update this guide again with the next cycle and confirm the lottery’s schedule continues without any hiccups. As a reminder, FFXIV‘s in-game clock adjusts to your timezone, so don’t let those pesky time differences throw you for a loop and mix up important dates.

How to enter the FFXIV housing lottery again after you lose a bid.

What happens if you draw a losing ticket?

So, maybe your housing dreams didn’t quite work out, but there’s always next time. As long as plots are available, players can front 3 to 50 million Gil on another lottery ticket; that’s all just depending on the lot size and class. There’s no limit on consecutive attempts; you just can’t enter more than once per cycle.

Make sure you reclaim losing ticket deposits within 90 days by interacting with the placard of the house you bid on. With your funds back in the bank, it’s time to start the process again.

When do new FFXIV housing plots open?

Players can find unclaimed and vacant houses from the main Aetheryte in their respective city-states, so teleport to Ishgard, Kugane, Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah, or Gridania to quickly pull up the listings on your server. When a Free Company or private owner transfers their plot, or if either leaves the server, the house they occupied will open up in the next lottery.

Occasionally, some players leave their houses unattended for 45 days, and those become subject to the auto-demolition process. This system isn’t always active, and FFXIV suspends the process after natural disasters or other extenuating circumstances.

What if a house is “Currently Unavailable for Purchase”?

Plots listed as unavailable for purchase were abandoned mid-entry cycle. If a player relinquishes ownership during an entry period, the house does not go up for bidding immediately. Instead, the house becomes available in the next entry period. Keep an eye on the house, and revisit it in the next bidding period.

Is the FFXIV housing automatic demolition system on?

Housing demolition is now enabled.

In December 2021, FFXIV suspended the system to accommodate homeowners through Endwalker launch congestion. The last update was on March 3, when a Lodestone notice announced FFXIV‘s demo system would continue its suspension after “considering the current world situation.”

Here’s how it works:

If a player or Free Company leader hasn’t entered their lot within 45 days, the estate on that lot is demolished and returned to the pool of open housing lots.

For players who have not entered their estates for at least thirty days, the status under the Estate tab of the Timers window will indicate the estate is being prepared for auto-demolition and denote the number of days remaining. This status will no longer be displayed upon entering the estate. For individual houses, this must be the player who owns the plot. For FC houses, anyone in the FC can enter to retain the housing status.

Please be advised that this window will only display the number of days until the automatic demolition takes place and not the exact time. We strongly urge you to enter your estate well before the scheduled date for the automatic demolition.

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