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All FFXIV Tribal Quests and How to Unlock Them

Tribal Quests offer you a way to connect with the races of FFXIV and obtain unique mounts and other items.

While players have access to a number of playable races in Final Fantasy XIV, there are many , many more beyond that. While you cannot play as these races, Tribal Quests — once known as Beast Tribe Quests — allow you to interact with them. The Omicron, Pixies, or Namazu, if you really want to get to know these races, you need to complete their Tribal Quests.

What Are Tribal Quests and How Do They Work?

To unlock the entire Tribal Quest system, you need to complete Level 41 main scenario quest “In Pursuit of the Past”. Once you’ve done this, you can unlock each of the Tribes with their specific unlock quest.

These Tribal Quests take the form of daily quests that you can complete at your leisure. You can only complete a total of 12 daily Tribal Quests per day, and generally each Tribe will only offer 3 quests each day. (A Realm Reborn tribes only give three quests per day at Rank 1.) Completing these quests gives you experience, gil, a unique Tribal currency, and Reputation points with that tribe.

FFXIV Qitari Tribe Unlock


The unique currency can be spent on Tribal-specific items from the local Tribal Vendor. Reputation moves you through various ranks with each tribe, with every subsequent rank after Rank 1 unlocking new tiers of items from the Vendor. You rank up by reaching the Reputation cap for that rank and each rank-up will also be accompanied by a unique quest. The ranks are as follows:

  • Rank 1 – Neutral – 150 Reputation Points
  • Rank 2 – Recognized – 360 Reputation Points
  • Rank 3 – Friendly – 510 Reputation Points
  • Rank 4 – Trusted (A Realm Reborn maximum, jumping to Allied) – 720 Reputation Points
  • Rank 5 – Respected – 990 Reputation Points
  • Rank 6 – Honored – 1320 Reputation Points
  • Rank 7 – Sworn – 1730 Reputation Points
  • Rank 8 – Allied (A Realm Reborn) / Bloodsworn – Quest only
  • Rank 9 – Allied (Heavensward, Stormblood) – Quest only

The A Realm Reborn tribes top out at Trusted. Once you’ve brought all of the ARR Tribes up to Trusted, you’ll unlock a set of Allied quests. The same is true for the Heavensward and Stormblood tribes once you reach Sworn with all available tribes in that expansion.

There are two other factors worth noting. First, Tribal Quests are a good way to help the leveling process if you’re at their intended level. Especially for those leveling their Disciples of the Land and Hand, you should look at the corresponding Tribal Quests.

Second, Tribal Quests tend to break down into the types of quests you do. In the expansions after A Realm Reborn, there are three Tribes for each expansion: one with combat-focused dailies, one with gathering-focused dailies, and one with crafting-focused dailies. This means that you cannot engage the latter two Tribes in each expansion unless you’ve leveled up your Disciples of the Land and Hand to the required level range. We will mark each Tribe below with its quest type so you can easily see which Tribal Quests you can do.

If there’s no link available, that means we’ll have a forthcoming guide on that tribe.

FFXIV Ixali Tribe Guide

A Realm Reborn Tribes

There are a total of five tribes in A Realm Reborn, as apparently the FFXIV was still trying to find a good foundation. Unlike later expansions, four of them are combat-focused, while the last is focused around crafting.

ffxiv moogle quest unlock

Heavensward Tribes

In Heavensward, we start to move closer to the current system found in Final Fantasy XIV today. Two of them are combat-related, while the last one is crafting-focused, similar to the Ixali.

ffxiv namazu unlock quests

Stormblood Tribes

For Stormblood, the Kojin and Ananta are both focused around combat for their daily quests. In contrast, the Namazu not only have a crafting focus, but they also add gathering as an option for their dailies.

Shadowbringers Tribes

By Shadowbringers, the FFXIV team finally settled on the current system of Tribal Quests. The Pixie, Qitari, and Dwarf daily quests were released in each of the numbered patches for Shadowbringers, aimed at combat, gathering, and crafting respectively. This expansion did not have any Allied Quests.

ffxiv patch 6.15 arkasodara tribe quests

Endwalker Tribes

The current expansion has two of the available Tribal Quests unlocked as of this writing, with the Loporrits being the final addition scheduled for release with Patch 6.35.

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