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FFXIV Anemos Relic Weapon Guide: Quest Locations and Getting Protean Crystals

It’s time to grind your way to success in the first area of Eureka.

Welcome to the island known as Eureka. Here, you’ll uncover ancient secrets and forge another legendary weapon. This guide will cover Anemos Weapons, the first Relic Weapons introduced in the Stormblood expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. The interesting thing about the process for this series of Relic Weapons is that the basic steps are repeated across most of the process, ending at the Physeos form. None of these weapons are best-in-slot anymore, so you’re purely doing this for your own satisfaction or those sweet, sweet weapon glamours.

For help on the whole process, be sure to use our main guide for the entire Eureka Relic questline.

How to Unlock Your Anemos Relic Weapon

The first real step is to unlock the region of Eureka, a special zone and instance with its own set of rules and leveling. Once you’ve completed “Stormblood,” the main scenario quest that caps off the Stormblood expansion, you can start your Eurekan journey. To do so, pick up the quest “And We Shall Call It Eureka” from Galiena in Rhalgr’s Reach (X: 9.8, Y: 12.5).

This quest will send you to meet Rodney in Kugane (X: 8.6, Y: 14.2). This is the NPC that you speak to whenever you want to head into The Forbidden Land, Eureka. While in Eureka, all of your gear will be synced to Item Level 300 and you’ll occupy the instanced zone with up to 144 other players. You need to use a combat Job that’s at level 70 or higher. There are four different zones in total, each of which unlock as you progress through the Eureka quests. However, only the first zone (Anemos) matters for this phase of the Relic Weapon grind.

Eureka has its own bespoke leveling system, the Elemental Level. Your character will gain Elemental Levels by completing content within Eureka, which will net you Elemental Experience Points. These levels will persist when you come and go from Eureka, so don’t worry about grinding it out all at once. If you need a guide on this, be sure to use our full Eureka leveling and progression guide.

How to Acquire Protean and Anemos Crystals

Upgrading your Eureka Relic will always require a certain combination of Eureka-specific crystals and other items found within the zone. You’ll get Anemos Crystals for killing Notorious Monsters within the Eureka Anemos zone, which are quite similar to the FATEs you’ll run into in the rest of FFXIV.

These Anemos Crystals can be turned into your old friend Gerolt, who has found himself a cozy spot in Eureka Anemos (X: 17.9, Y: 32.2). Gerolt will give you three (3) to five (5) Protean Crystals, which are needed to upgrade the weapons. These Protean Crystals will also drop randomly from Eureka monsters that are at your Elemental Level or higher.

The last item that you’ll need to finish this phase is Pazuzu’s Feather. This item drops from the “Wail in the Willows,” an Elemental Level 20 Notorious Monster FATE that appears in Eureka Anemos (X: 7.3, Y: 21.7). Finishing the encounter with a Gold rating will net you three Pazuzu’s Feathers. Alternatively, you can buy them from the Expedition Birdwatcher in Eureka Anemos (X: 19.0, Y: 31.4), for 300 Protean Crystals each.

How to Upgrade Your Antiquated Weapon to Anemos

Getting the Anemos weapon will require multiple upgrades. You can upgrade your Antiquated Weapon by talking to Gerolt in Eureka Anemos (X: 17.9, Y: 32.2). Your Antiquated weapon will need to be upgraded four times in order to become an Anemos Weapon, each time improving the weapon’s stats slightly. Each upgrade costs a certain amount of Protean Crystals, with the final upgrade requiring the Pazuzu’s Feather.

  • Non-Antiquated Weapon: Protean Crystals (100)
  • +1 Weapon: Protean Crystals (400)
  • +2 Weapon: Protean Crystals (800)
  • Anemos Weapon: Pazuzu’s Feather (3)

Once you hand over the Pazuzu’s Feathers, Gerolt will award you with the Anemos version of the previous weapon. Congratulations on obtaining your first Eureka Relic Weapon! Head back to the main guide for information on the subsequent phases of your Eureka Relic Weapon grind.

The Locations For Krile’s Eureka Anemos Quests

You can’t truly finish Eureka Anemos and move on to the next location until you finish the storyline. Krile in Eureka Anemos (X: 18.5, Y: 32) will offer you a series of quests, requiring you to find specific locations around the island. These quests come at specific Elemental Levels and require you to interact with several Confluences.

  • Level 3: Early Natural History Society Observatory (X: 13.5, Y: 20.2)
    • Note: Enter during the day to contend with fewer mobs
  • Level 5: The Orchard (X: 24.4, Y: 23.1)
  • Level 13: The Val River Swale (X: 20.9, Y: 13.0)
  • Level 17: Uncanny Valley (X: 32.8, Y: 18.3) and Aethernet Control (X: 25.5, Y: 16.1)

Once you trade in 99 Anemos Crystals at this final location, you can return Krile and finish the storyline of Anemos and move on to the next zone. If you need help making progress, again, use our guide on how to level fast in Eureka.

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