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Drink Tea Emote is in FFXIV Innit — How to Get It, is It Worth the Price?

Oi mate, I'm chuffed my Warrior of Light can sip on their favourite cuppa tea innit.

A new emote just dropped in the Final Fantasy XIV store — drink tea. If you fancy tea at any time, this emote will let your Warrior of Light summon a steaming cuppa and with a saucer in hand.

In terms of unlocking the drink tea emote, step one: get money. The drink tea emote is only available on the FFXIV online store and must be purchased with seven (7) real-life United States dollars — $7.00 USD, seven whole bucks. If you purchase the emote, you need to select which character on your FFXIV account it’s for. You then pick up the item Ballroom Etiquette — The Tea from a Delivery Moogle in-game and use the item to unlock the drink tea emote. Now you can use “/tea” in chat or assign the emote to a hotbar if you’re really thirsting.

But is it worth it? That’s for you to decide. I quite like the emote itself and have spent money on worse things in life. I also imagine players heavily into the gpose and glam scene will make good use of this emote as well. As for other paid-for perks, that Paissa mount is a whopping $24.00 and that Cruise Chaser is $29.99, but at least they’re account wide in case you have alt characters — also mounts are a bit more prestigious than emotes. Alternatively, you can spend no money at all!

I don’t know, maybe the online store description may sway your opinion on the matter:

“Enjoy teatime anytime! Though the basics of this gesture are to be found in a manual for ballroom etiquette, whether you use it in posing for portraits, intimidating your enemies, or simply showing those who dare to add the milk first how proper tea is done is up to you.”

You can check out the drink tea emote in motion below. Maybe it’ll go well with the eat egg emote we got from the past Hatching-tide event, if you unlocked it during the seasonal quests. Nothing quite like a hardboiled egg and a cup of PG Tips to go with it.

The debate over paid-for items flared up a bit last year when FFXIV introduced the Alexander-themed Cruise Chaser mount, only to be revealed as a MogStation store exclusive item rather than something you unlock through clearing content. The tea will certainly not be as hot with the drink tea emote — additional emotes, such as this one, being relegated to the FFXIV store for $7 is pretty standard. I do like the Toast emote myself, especially when I plan on going out clubbing in FFXIV, but just make sure you spend your own money wisely.

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