I’m in FFXIV Gold Saucer Hell For FFXV’s Regalia Car Mount

I live in a fake casino now.

I might have a digital gambling problem. Not really, but I’ve spent entirely too much time in the Gold Saucer in the past few days. I have done the Leap of Faith and Air Force One GATE events ad nauseam, played every minigame, struggled through Mahjong, and discovered the joy of Triple Triad all to frantically rack up precious Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP).

A few years ago, there was a Final Fantasy XV collaboration event in Final Fantasy XIV, and it’s currently running again until October 18. The event, “A Nocturne for Heroes,” originally ran in 2019 from April to May. Players had the chance to meet FFXV protagonist Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum in-game, play through a short questline, and collect his (iconic?) outfit as glamour. You could also pick up his car, the Regalia, as a four-player mount for a hefty price, which is why I’m stuck in the Gold Saucer to begin with. 

FFXIV's Gold Saucer
I live here now.

How To Get the Regalia Mount

While Noctis’ outfit is available from the event quests, the mount is only available from the Ironworks Vendor in the Gold Saucer. The Regalia Type-G costs 200,000 MGP, a currency you can only win from minigames and special events in this casino-like playground. It’s a bit pricey, but that’s not a difficult amount to obtain, especially given the five-week run for the event. 

I have generally avoided the Gold Saucer, so this was my week to dive in wholeheartedly. This gaudy playground was another aspect of FFXIV that I simply didn’t have enough time for with my previous lifestyle. Now that covering FFXIV is my full-time job, it was time to poke and prod at these smaller bits of the MMO.

The road to gather MGP is real, and it is repetitive. But at the heart of it are GATEs — minigames that pop up in the Gold Saucer every 20 minutes and reward you with a decent chunk of MGP depending on how well you do. The Air force One rail shooter event is dead simple from the jump. Over the course of a few days, I’ve gone from being rather bad at jumping puzzles to a goddamn master of the Leap of Faith. I’ve unlocked Lord of Verminion and Doman Mahjong, and ultimately realized that both mini-games are absolutely not for me. And one day I’ll finally complete “The Slice is Right” and overcome the vicious blade and unpredictable AOEs of the wandering mercenary Yojimbo. 

And the shining horizon that is Triple Triad has opened itself to me. The card game is easy to get into and understand, making it far more enjoyable than some of its mini-game counterparts. Up until I discovered it, I had no clue there were Triple Triad competitors around Eorzea! A whole new world for me to get obsessed with.

One hard day at the grind brought me to around 100,000 MGP, and I’ve taken subsequent days easier. And yet, there are still more avenues I want to explore to keep stacking MGP. I’m also going to jump in on the Fashion Report for the first time this week. That should be a breeze thanks to the excellent help from the illustrious Kaiyoko Star, who puts together comprehensive best-in-slot guides for the glamour event each week. And hey, maybe I’ll win the Jumbo Cactpot lottery and never have to grind for MGP again.

FFXIV Mark It Rain Event
I really should’ve done this during the “Make It Rain” event.

Why Am I Doing All This?

I have one major problem though: I don’t particularly like Final Fantasy XV. It’s probably my least liked Final Fantasy game, because while the premise of Noctis and his bros taking a trip is quite cool, I dislike playing it a great deal. The story and game world felt… incomplete when I played the game at launch. I’ve called the game “slow, cumbersome Kingdom Hearts” in the past and I only vaguely like and understand that series, so why would I play a worse version? 

Given my overall dislike of FFXV, I’d understand you being somewhat confused as to why I’m putting in all this effort. The answer is two-fold. One, the Regalia is just a damned cool mount. The car exudes that luxury car feel you’d get from a real-world Lexus or Chrysler. It also fits four players, meaning you can roll around Eorzea in your rich-ass all-black-everything ride. Yeah, I did just buy the Cruise Chaser, but I want the Regalia too.

Perhaps once I get the Regalia—and finish my Relic weapons—then I’ll return to the Gold Saucer to get the luscious Sabotender Emperador mount. The floating marvel costs a whopping 2 million MGP which means settling in for a long-ass ride. No one truly knows why we desire the Sabotender, merely that it must be ours at all costs. My digital gambling habit only grows stronger. 

If you want to join me on my quest, “A Nocturne for Heroes” will end on October 18 at 7:59 AM PDT. And to all those who already have their Regalia, I hope you continue to have a smooth ride.


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