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My brother —

Uttered by Xivu Arath —

God of War —

A GIFT. My true death was from necessity. The others were from love. The Ecumene had cornered us, made us act with sickness. With my power, Auryx murdered our sister. And with our power, Auryx descended into the Deep. And with our power, Oryx's wings spread wide, and he blotted out the Ecumene's sky.

MY COURT. With his memory and his acts of war he brought me back with all the splendor of a love that sharpens and kills.

A GRAVE. I will find his corpse, where he rots. He deserved to die. We do not dig graves.

THE SPIRE. I will take what is true and break it until it can no longer be broken. I will find my sister's secrets and break them as well.

VOYAGE. My love spills out. My love engulfs. I will go out into the universe as my brother did. I will do so with my memory of him.