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Eriana's Vow



Omar: This place reeks of death.

Toland: Worse. Rebirth.

Sai: Once something is gone, it should stay that way.

Eriana-3: I can't share that sentiment.

Sai: You will never find peace if you can't accept your loss.

Eriana-3: I'll find peace when I rip that monster's beating heart from his chest.

Eris: I have never known vengeance to bring peace.

Eriana-3: What do you think I should hope for, then? All I have left is my vengeance and my gun.

Eris: A Hand Cannon with a sight, yet you see nothing but rage. Don't allow it to cloud your judgement. Wei gave you the weapon for a purpose.

Eriana-3: Yeah, to keep me at a distance from the Hive. And now I'm heading straight toward them. Somewhere out there, she's shaking a fist at me.

Eris: We can honor her still by ridding the world of the disease that is Crota.

Eriana-3: There is no world for me after Crota.

Eris: What you are feeling… is to be expected. In time, we can forge a new world. Together.

Eriana-3: I want to believe that is possible.

Vell: I hate to interrupt this touching moment, but does anyone else hear that?

Sai: That rumble?

Toland: Thralls… I think they mean to welcome us.

Eriana-3: Let them come. I'll be the last Light they ever see.