Hayes Madsen

Hayes Madsen

Hayes is a freelance writer who simply can’t stop playing JRPGs, even though they make him sleepy. Follow him on Twitter @Solfleet.





The Solo Effort To Restore the Original PS2 Version of Yakuza

The Yakuza series has seen a massive surge in popularity in the West in recent years, going from an obscure gem to one of Sega’s most popular franchises. The series is known for its style and...

Behind the Curtain of FFXIV’s Virtual Theatre Productions

As you take a stroll through the Goblet wards on Final Fantasy XIV’s Diabolos server, you can find an amalgamation of different houses, all of which are emblazoned with their own wondrous dec...

Dragoon FFXIV 6.2 Job Guide: Opener, Rotation, Skills, and More

Dragoons have been a part of Final Fantasy for decades, which means the high-jumping lance wielders are naturally a part of Final Fantasy XIV. Dragoon was one of the first DPS Jo...

FFXIV Player Bands Are Bringing Concerts to Eorzea

Note: For privacy reasons, interviewees are referred to as either their FFXIV screen names or band names in this article.