Grant Stoner

Grant Stoner

Grant Stoner examines and highlights accessibility and disabled voices within the games industry. When not writing, you can find him screaming about Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, or his cat, Goomba, on social media.





For The Physically Disabled, Elden Ring is the Most Accessible Souls Game Yet

FromSoftware games are notoriously difficult both in their gameplay and lack of notable accessibility options. They reward patience and persistence while simultaneously punishing players for making mi...

From An Accessibility Perspective, Halo Infinite’s Open World is Exhausting

In terms of first-person-shooters, Halo is my comfort series. Regardless of my strength or energy level, the simplistic and precise gunplay never fails to keep me entertained. And if I’m too...

The Last of Us Part I Remake Aims To Lower Barriers for the Visually Disabled

How do you make a game accessible, with gameplay, cinematics, and all, to the visually disabled? With the upcoming release of The Last of Us Part I, Naughty Dog hopes to have found a way, by...

EA Shares Accessibility Patents and Sets New Precedent for Disabled Gamers

Recently, Electronic Arts announced efforts to expand accessibility across gaming through its new patent pledge. This industry-first initiative grants any developer royalty-free access to five technol...