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Ogre Battle 64 and the Cost of Revolution

Ogre Battle 64 begins with the player character breaking up with his boyfriend before graduating from military school, where the pope gives him a tarot reading. From there, Quest’s Nintendo 64...

Dating the Primals of Final Fantasy XIV

Like any MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV offers its players a gluttonous buffet of ways to kill time. The best dish on offer, by far its flashiest and most engaging content, exists in instanced coope...

Navigating the Confusing, Horny World of MMO Roleplay

MMORPGs have always been notorious time-sinks. But no matter how many quests and dungeons these games offer, they all seem to have a sizeable community of roleplayers nonchalantly inhabiting their cha...

The Five Worst Dates in Dragon Age

Dragon Age is a series of three fantasy RPGs about sarcastic queer people saving the world, being miserable in a bad city, and militarizing the world’s largest religion, respectively. The games...