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I'm Jealous of the Patience It Must Take to Make Johto in Animal Crossing

It's a whole new world the villagers are living in.

As I’ve said before, I’m not great at Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I’m still learning something new in this game every day, so I shouldn’t compare what my slapped together island looks like to veterans who have mastered these games’ systems and know how to make some amazing creations in Nintendo’s life sim.

But I am absolutely ready to pack up my Switch forever after seeing this elaborate, game-accurate recreation of Pokemon’s Johto Region.

Twitter user @hinopika posted a short video of their island made over to look like the setting of Pokemon: Gold and Silver, complete with pixel art recreations of characters, environments, and props all made with the in-game design tools. Hinopika even reenacted a few scenes from the Game Boy games, including using a watering can to get past a Sudowoodo and waking up a Snorlax with a Poke Flute.

Based on what we see in the video, it really looks like just about every tool Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives the player was used to make Johto, including terraforming to craft the landscape and bodies of water, custom designs scattered around the world that resemble Gold and Silver’s own assets, all topped off with a Cyndiquil outfit to really sell that Pokemon setting. Now my follow-up question is just where are all the Animal Crossing characters and were they all evicted from the island to make this painstakingly crafted recreation of the Pokemon world?

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It’s wild to me the lengths Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ community is willing to go to make something this elaborate, but every day I open up Twitter I find some new, creative way someone managed to make something I wouldn’t have even considered trying to get made and functional. These kinds of undertakings are only possible because the game’s tools give players so much freedom, and I’m eager to reach that point myself where I’ve unlocked enough of these systems that I can create something more elaborate than just plopping a building down in one of the only bits of free space I have not taken up by orange trees.

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