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Khora Prime is the Next Warframe to Join Prime Access

Whip some Grineer into shape with Khora Prime.

Already available in Warframe, Khora Prime Access will give you your next supercharged player character to whip and zip throughout the stars. The Margulis inspired design was shown during TennoCon 2022, the latest in a series of annual Warframe fan conventions, and she looks great. Even if the lore implications are a bit creepy.

Khora Prime was created in-game by the same arms dealer Ballas. That’s the same scientist who narrates all those snazzy Prime Warframe trailers. He’s a longtime villain who more recently assumed the role of de facto central antagonist in the game over its past few story updates.

The thing about Khora Prime is that she looks a lot like Margulis, a.k.a. the Lotus, a.k.a. Natah. Sorta. It’s complicated… The short version, however, is that Ballas built a war drone to look like his dead girlfriend. At least that’s what the Khora Prime trailer implies. The dude continues to seem like a real creep!

Regardless, Khora is an extremely strong and interesting ‘frame. She comes with a unique battle-cat companion, Venari, that can resurrect itself after death. Venari can also heal the player and stun foes in addition to dealing normal damage. And despite the story implications, the gold metal with purple cloth motif looks awfully fashionable.

Warframe Khora Prime Access Melee

Khora’s other signature weapon is her whip. She can attack enemies with it directly or create snares around her environment that restrict targets.

This culminates in her ultimate: “Strangledome” (which features one of my personal all-time Warframe ability names). This creates a, well, dome of chains that strangle enemies which get too close. Other enemies will then fire at those snared targets — ostensibly to mercy kill them before you can. This is great crowd control, but it also combos with her normal skills. Khora and now Khora Prime can whip the Strangledome to deal incredibly high damage to anyone contained within it.

That excessive damage is one of the reasons I placed Khora so highly on our Warframe tier list. Now that Khora Prime is in the mix, players have an even better excuse to use her and Venari.

It also means they can “subsume” their weaker, standard Khora into Helminth with fewer repercussions. This feature allows players to shift a specific Warframe ability onto any other character they like. In the case of Khora, that means “Ensnare,” which stuns enemies and pulls in more when they get close to the original target. It’s not half bad!

Khora Prime alt helmet
Khora Prime with an alternate helmet.

As for when players can pick up the new Warframe, Khora Prime is available right now. Though she will set you back a pretty penny if you opt to spend real money. Warframe itself is free-to-play; the cheapest Prime Access pack that nets you Khora Prime is $79.99 USD. You also get some cosmetics, weapons, and a boatload of premium currency (Platinum) in the deal. The exchange rate is actually much better than buying Platinum by itself, in fact. But $80 is still quite a hefty investment.

If you don’t want to go down that road, however, Khora Prime should also be available in-game for free. If you don’t mind farming for her blueprints. You should also have a little over three months to make your choice. That’s about how long each window for Prime Access lasts before being replaced by another, new Warframe. Though the free blueprints stay in-game for much, much longer.

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