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Warframe Bullet Jump Guide - How to Get Around Quickly

Warframe has gone through a few different revisions of its movement system. Concepts like wall-running and clinging to hard surfaces do still exist, even today, but they’re much less important than they were at launch. Now knowing how to “bullet jump” is all the rage. And you pretty much need to master it if you want to keep up with your allies. Luckily, it’s easy once you get the hang of it. So step right this way for our Warframe bullet jump guide!

The Basic Bullet Jump Combo – Warframe

The phrase bullet jump technically refers to a specific action: jumping from a crouched position. This will cause your Warframe to leap a great distance in whatever direction you aim. Although there’s a bit more to it than that, since you can combo this maneuver with several other ways of moving around. Aiming a bullet jump straight up, for instance, performs a massive vertical leap. And you can double-jump at the apex of this move for even more height.

But bullet jumping is rarely about going up. Instead, you mostly use it to move forward at great speed. Follow this simple combo for the best results: Sprint (it helps to toggle this on by default) → Crouch (this initiates a knee slide while sprinting) → Jump (while aiming wherever you want to go).

This will produce a high-speed leap forward. From there, you can increase your distance by double-jumping and/or holding the aim button. Double-jumping does exactly what it sounds like. Meanwhile, holding aim will put you in a Matrix-like slow-motion dive that extends your airtime. This “aim glide” is extremely useful in stringing multiple bullet jumps together, for the kind of movement most experienced Warframe players enjoy.

Advanced Bullet Jump Combo – Warframe

A perfect bullet jump combo looks like this: Sprint (always) → Crouch (i.e. knee slide) → Jump (while facing forward) → Jump (i.e. double-jump) → Aim Glide (to give yourself more reaction time) → Hold Crouch (before you hit the ground) → Repeat.

That last “crouch” is especially crucial. Crouching in mid-air, and continuing to hold “crouch” even after you hit the ground, will begin an airborne knee slide that carries over even after you land. This keeps your momentum going — whereas just landing normally usually stops your Warframe for a split second while they find their feet. Then, as your new knee slide touches down, you can leap out of it right away to start another bullet jump!

There’s a rhythm to it, but the timing is incredibly generous. It’s also somewhat easier on a mouse and keyboard than with a controller. Mapping “crouch” to an unused mouse button — preferably one you can hit with your dominant thumb — helps tremendously. But anything works once you get the muscle memory down.

Once you really get things down, you can even add those old Warframe moves to your bullet jump repertoire. Bullet jump into a wall, and then hold “aim,” for instance, and you can stick to the surface. This isn’t extremely useful — outside of a few specific activities (like Lua challenges, Spy missions, and some Fortuna bounties). But it does look and feel very cool.

And there you are! Thanks for taking the time to read our Warframe bullet jump guide for all the tips you need to get around the game. We wish you the best of luck out there, traversing through the Origin System in search of justice (and loot)!

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