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Waframe Hildryn Prime Farm Guide: Blueprint Locations, Tips, & Tricks

Hildryn Prime farming is easier than it seems if you know which Void Relics to crack!

Hildryn Prime is the latest, well, Prime Warframe to grace Warframe! She’s big, tough, and shreds enemy armor and shields with the powerful “Pillage” skill. And, especially given that her normal variant can be a bit of a pain to acquire, it’s a great idea to farm Hildryn Prime to gain access to her powerful kit. So let’s take a look at the best ways to get this particular frame!

Just like every Warframe, Hildryn Prime is split into four basic parts: the Hildryn Prime Chassis, Hildryn Prime Systems, Hildryn Prime Neuroptics, and a Hildryn Prime Blueprint. Players must acquire and craft the first three parts and finally use the fourth — the Hildryn Prime Blueprint — to complete the character for their collection. The basic parts further take 12 real-world hours to construct in your Foundry, while the Warframe herself takes 72. All four blueprints can be acquired via Void Relics or by trading with other players. Though you need to know which relics unlock which parts.

The blueprints are available via the following Void Relics:

  • Lith H8 – Hildryn Prime Systems (common)
  • Meso P11 – Hildryn Prime Chassis (uncommon)
  • Neo S17 – Hildryn Prime Neuroptics (uncommon)
  • Axi H6 – Hildryn Prime Blueprint (rare)

If you ever forget which is which, and for some reason can’t access this guide, you can also search for each part in the Void Relic station on your ship to refresh yourself on which lootbox can hold which item.

I only use the word “lootbox” here as a convenient bit of shorthand. Players can acquire as many Void Relics as they want, entirely for free, by playing various missions throughout Warframe. Each relic simply has a semi-random chance of awarding one of six different items — one of which might be the specified Hildryn Prime part.

Warframe Hildryn Prime Farming

You can boost the chances of getting rarer drops (such as the Hildryn Prime Blueprint inside the Axi H6 Relic) by using a resource called “Void Traces” to refine the relic. At the maximum level of refinement, also known as “Radiant,” a Void Relic has a 10% chance of awarding its rare drop (e.g. Hildryn Prime Blueprint).

On the other hand, you actually have a higher chance of getting common drops (e.g. Hildryn Prime Systems) by not refining the relic at all. Refinement only increases your odds of getting the uncommon and rare drops. Keep this in mind before spending Void Traces on Void Relics now and in the future!

Hildryn Prime Blueprint Farm Guide

On that note, let’s start with where to get the rarest part: a Hildryn Prime Blueprint. If done correctly you actually won’t even need to worry about refinement at all, since there’s a very good place to get Radiant Axi H6 relics in the wild. I’m talking about the Profit-Taker Orb.

Note: This method requires you to first reach the maximum reputation level of “Old Mate” with Solaris United by completing daily bounties. If you haven’t done that yet, you probably should. For now, though, you can skip the Profit-Taker section and look at some of the other ways to get Axi H6 relics below.

For the boss fight, you can find the Profit-Taker on Venus. You should specifically head to the social hub of Fortuna and enter the back room (accessible through a large door behind the NPC called Eudico). This is where you can access a set of “secret” bounties called “heists.” These are pre-scripted missions with an overarching plot and must be completed in order the first time you do them. The final one of these bounties, displayed in-game as “Profit-Taker – Phase 4,” is a boss fight against the eponymous robot spider.

The fight itself isn’t too difficult. Though it is very, very hectic. You should automatically match with a squad when you select the bounty and, these days, most players know what they’re doing. If you’re not one of them, however, the boss basically boils down to four simple steps:

  1. Shoot the boss with a particular damage type (indicated by holographic symbols on the front of her body)
  2. Shoot the boss in the legs with your Arch-Gun (using either the Arch-Gun Deployer or a Necramech)
  3. Destroy any of the yellow pylons she calls from the sky (indicated by yellow objective markers)
  4. Repeat, switching to shoot her in the body with your Arch-Gun once her legs are destroyed

Profit-Taker will drop a heap of loot (shown with white objective markers) for you to pick up. However, you don’t even need these for the Radiant Axi H6 relic. This is instead awarded automatically as an “uncommon” drop from the bounty itself (with a drop rate of just over 14% per Profit-Taker kill).

Given how fast players have gotten at killing the Profit-Taker Orb, you should be able to farm a decent chunk of Radiant relics in just a few minutes if you play with matchmaking. Other missions with the same ~14% drop rate take 10 minutes or more and only award “Intact” relics — which have the lowest drop rate for the Hildryn Prime Blueprint. If you factor in time spent collecting Void Traces for refinement, these other methods are even slower.

Warframe Hildryn Prime Farming

You can also find Radiant Axi H6 Void Relics from the following sources:

  • Completing Void Storm missions in the Veil Proxima region using a Railjack
  • Every eight waves of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

The downside here is that the drop rates for both mission types is only about 2%. The upside is that the alternative rewards are more generally valuable than the specialized items you often game from Profit-Taker fights.

Meanwhile, if you have a huge stockpile of Void Traces laying around and/or simply don’t want to unlock the Profit-Taker, you can find Intact Axi H6 Void Relics at the same ~14% drop rate from these following sources:

  • Every three and four waves of Interception on Cerberus, Pluto
  • Every three and four waves of Interception on Sporid, Eris
  • Every three and four waves of Interception on Phalan, Eris
  • Every three and four waves of Interception on Xini, Eris
  • Every three and four waves of Interception on Berehynia, Sedna
  • Completing waves and defending conduits in Disruption on Apollo, Lua

Remember that these are just the missions with the highest drop rates. You can acquire Axi H6 relics at random from a huge variety of activities in Warframe. But the drop rates are often as low as a half-a-percent. I highly recommend the Profit-Taker battle, followed by the Interception and Disruption missions, if you’re looking to get this rare part quickly. Apollo in particular is nice since it can also award a Lua Lens Blueprint: a very rare and useful item for farming Operator Focus.

Warframe Hildryn Prime Farming

Hildryn Prime Part Farm Guide

The chassis, neuroptics, and systems are all thankfully much easier to acquire. Uncommon parts have double the drop rate (i.e. 20%) from each Radiant Void Relic compared to the rare ones. Meanwhile, common parts have the highest potential drop rate at ~25% from the correct Intact Void Relic. Not to mention each of the corresponding Void Relics for Hildryn Prime parts are available from more than 150 missions in-game. Most activities that award Void Relics at all can give out the Lith H8, Meso P11, Neo S17 variants.

Rather than list all of them (which you can find here if you don’t mind a lot of scrolling) I’ll just give my opinion on the overall best activities. These include:

  • Profit-Taker bounties
  • Elite Sanctuary Onslaught
  • Endless missions

Surprise! Profit-Taker bounties still have the highest drop chance for the appropriate Void Relics. While “Profit-Taker – Phase 4” specifically awards Axi H6, the other phases award all the other Hildryn Prime relics. They’re even still Radiant, to boot. The selection breaks down like this:

  • “Profit-Taker – Phase 1” awards Radiant Lith H8 Void Relics
  • “Profit-Taker – Phase 2” awards Radiant Meso P11 Void Relics
  • “Profit-Taker – Phase 3” awards Radiant Neo S17 Void Relics

Just like the boss fight, these three bounties are the same every time, and mostly include simple objectives like “kill a certain number of enemies” or “go fishing.” They’re not terribly exciting to complete over and over again, but with a drop rate of 12.5% for each Radiant relic, they’re efficient if you only care about getting Hildryn Prime parts.

Warframe Hildryn Prime Farming

The only odd duck here that Lith H8 relic. Because it’s giving you a Radiant Void Relic, you actually have lower odds of getting the Hildryn Prime Systems for each one you crack. Though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A Radiant relic still has an almost 17% chance of dropping either common item (including the Hildryn Prime Systems). If you get a rarer item instead, well, you got a rarer item instead. The only downside is that Hildryn Prime parts are newer (and thus actually rarer overall) than the rare drops in Lith H8 relics. Though this will even out over time.

That being said, I’d actually say Sanctuary Onslaught — which is accessible from the Syndicate tab of the star map — is the best overall way to earn Hildryn Prime parts at launch. Excluding the main blueprint, of course.

The reason for this is that Elite Sanctuary Onslaught has a chance to drop every appropriate Hildryn Prime Void Relic. The drop rates are lower (by about 3% for the common and uncommon parts), but you can play continuously and get repeated chances at all four relics. The same is doubly true if you just need the Hildryn Prime Systems, as bumping the difficulty down from “Elite” to just standard Sanctuary Onslaught will give you Intact relics instead of Radiant ones. Just note that you can only get Axi H6 Void Relics from Elite difficulty; these don’t appear in the normal mode at all.

Sanctuary Onslaught is also generally easier to access for more players, as you don’t need to first grind out Solaris United standing. If you just want to play a bit passively and soak up a good number of rewards, this is the best method for you!

And there it is! Those are our recommended ways to farm Hildryn Prime in Warframe. Best of luck with those Void Relics and boss fights. Or, if you prefer, best of luck slaying foes in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.

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