Stardew Valley Meets Good Omens in a New Mod

Mods for famed farming sim Stardew Valley aren’t new — fans have added everything from lightsabers to Pokemon to the game. But a recent project by modder Thunderhead Fred goes a step beyond adding items or changing sprites: it adds a whole character with hundreds of lines of unique dialogue. And you might recognize him if you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

Stardew Omens replaces Doctor Harvey with the Good Omens character Aziraphale, here modeled after his miniseries depiction by Michael Sheen. The basic version includes a character model with portraits, a full range of expressions, and summer and winter looks. It’s clear why Harvey was chosen as the modded character: he was already kindly, pudgy, and middle-aged, with wine listed as one of his favorite gifts.

The mod script makes that overlap work for it, with heart events that follow roughly the same beats give or take some character voice. The day-to-day and event flavor text stretches things a little bit more, and it’s impressive how effortless it feels given the amount of work it must’ve taken. And the tartan wallpaper in the doctor’s office is a nice touch.

More of this sort of thing:

The basic mod works with any custom farmer, for those who want to go wooing with a self-insert, but Thunderhead Fred knows what the people really want. Accordingly, the Nexus mod includes a sprite pack of Aziraphale’s demonic partner Crowley, with four different looks to choose from (two masc, two femme). Don’t worry if you pick one and decide you don’t like the look of it later on — you can swap between models at any time by pressing the C key.

If you’ve never modded Stardew Valley before, you’ll need to install a few things beforehand: a content patcher and the game-specific SMAPI file. There’s also the option to download a version of the mod that uses Kisekae, a more general sprite-altering program, or a version without it. The former two are available on the Nexus, while the latter involves going to an offsite forum. Once those initial steps are out of the way, you’re only a README and a few easily searchable instructions away from enjoying an excellent excuse to sink another fifty hours into Stardew Valley.