Outriders Fans Already Found a Loot Cave Because of Course They Did

Developer People Can Fly’s upcoming FPS/RPG hybrid Outriders released a demo of the game yesterday, allowing players to try the opening three hours. With all four classes available and a plethora of loot to collect, people flocked to this free demo. One of the biggest selling points is all your loot carries over when the main game releases on April 1. This makes grinding for weapons and resources worth your time, as it will give you a nice headstart when the main experience opens up. But because this is a loot-driven game and everyone playing Outriders is way too experienced at exploiting this genre, a way to quickly farm high-tier gear was discovered.

First shown by Youtuber ImPwnstar, the loop for farming gear is remarkably simple so long as you can quickly take down a boss target. Full credit goes to ImPwnstar for discovering this loot cave. Set in the Terra Infirma mission given out by Shira. This side quest will only be available after you’ve killed the electric-wielding boss and cleared the supply route for Shria’s forces. After returning to the base and triggering a cutscene, you can head back into Shira’s room to obtain the Terra Infirma quest. You’ll know it’s available thanks to the yellow exclamation point on the map.

Outriders Loot Cave

After you have the quest, make your way to the mission start point and fight through the first room full of enemies. Once you’re prompted to break open a bunch of debris, you’ll enter a boss arena where a ton of enemies will pour out. Ignore 99% of them and run to the path shown above. You’ll see a blacked-out spawn door where some foes and a Captain emerge. Don’t bother shooting any enemy but the Captain, so focus all your firepower on this enemy. Since it’s a boss, there’s a good chance it will drop some decent loot upon death. Now, instead of killing the rest of the room, let them dispatch your Outrider.

When you respawn, you’ll be at the start of the boss room so run towards the Captain’s spawn point once again and kill him. You can keep repeating this loop of slaughtering the boss, dying to the rest of the enemies, respawning, and doing it all over again. This method works on any level and World Tier, making it the fastest method for farming loot currently in the Outriders’ demo. Plus, if you don’t get any good items you can always dismantle them for materials. Remember, the demo allows you to carry over a specific stockpile of items, so you can quickly load up on supplies for the main game.

Honestly, it’s unsurprising that fans have already found a way to efficiently farm enemies for high-tier loot. This is a staple of the genre, as players will always hunt down ways to cut time and exploit a game’s design to maximize their chances of getting useful gear. While I am more than certain that this will be patched upon Outriders’ release, I’d argue that People Can Fly should let it stay for the length of the demo. Currently, the only weapons a lot of players will get are rusted, generally bland weapons. However, having a method of seeing the craziest guns in the game early could help sell those on the fence.

It’ll be interesting to see what guns and armor pieces players manage to farm before April 1.