Cheat Codes for Manifestations — Infinite Money, Clear Skin, etc.

Everyone loves cheat codes — who doesn’t want to be able to skip levels or become invincible sometimes? But while they may become less common in games thanks to the advent of achievements and online play, cheat codes are coming back in a big way. That’s right — there are cheat codes for reality now.

Called “cheat codes for manifestations,” “Grabovoi codes,” or “grabavoi codes” depending on who you ask, these codes are exploding in popularity on TikTok. Inputting them by writing them in a notebook, tracing them in the air, or even just saying them out loud can unlock powerful advantages that will allow you to hack the “matrix” of reality.

We’ve collected some of the best codes here so that you can select your favorites and use them whenever you want. Have fun! Keep in mind that you can only have three codes active at once. This is called the “rule of threes.”

Money code

  • 520 741 8
  • 318 798
  • 426 499

There are several money codes. If one doesn’t work, try another — it all depends on what version of reality you’re running.

bf (boyfriend) and gf (girl’s friend) code

  • 5231812
  • 966875701

clear skin

  • 795 318 07

For best results with this code you should use it with a chemical exfoliant and daily moisturizer.

Everything is possible code

  • 318612518714

Nobody knows what this code does.


  • 2017133

This code will boost your luck stat, giving you much higher drop rates on rare items, e.g. lost $20 bills and desirable parking spots.

Good Health

  • 189 1014

No health insurance? No problem. Input this code to promote general wellness and remove toxins.

Taller code

  • 83609348

Ever wish you were a little bit taller? This code will help out with that.

The Shrek Code

  • 26608934

Replaces all NPCs with Shrek


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