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A Letter to My Dragon Age Boyfriend In Case I Can't Send it Later

My dearest Dorian Pavus: I miss you.

Dorian Pavus,

Hello. It’s me, the Inquisitor.

It’s strange to introduce myself to you that way, but I was once told the title has all but replaced my name. But I suppose that’s what happens when you’re given wild dimension-bending abilities and the people of Thedas start to call you things like the “Herald of Andraste.” Of all the names and titles I was given, the only one I cared about was the one you gave me: “Amatus,” the man you love.

How are you? It’s been years since we last spoke. You told me you would be going to Tevinter in hopes of ushering in real change to your homeland. I’ve only heard bits and pieces of what you have been up to, but I hope it’s going well, and I especially hope to be able to join you on your quest soon.

You heard Solas is up to no good in Tevinter, right? I don’t know if he’s interfered with your plans at all, but it’s been four years since we last heard anything from him. He said he planned to tear down the Veil, destroying the world as we know it for everyone but the elves. I’ve been trying not to worry and keep my mind on other things I can do something about, but the last thing I did to occupy my time while I wait to make the next move didn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence in the future

I don’t know if you were aware of this, but about a year ago I was told his plans were ramping up, but I’ve heard conflicting reports about how we’re going to counter him. There’s been word about some kind of unified attack with people I don’t even know, communicating from distant lands all at once. But I have to say, Dorian, I’m worried about what we’ll lose if we are forced to band with others in this way. What was wrong with the way things used to be? When I would take three of my trusted companions into a mission and we would be able to handle it on our own? 

Perhaps I’m getting too worked up. As things stand, these are just rumors, and I don’t know if this is how things will ultimately turn out. There was talk of possible confirmation of these reports coming earlier this week, but nothing came of it.

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The truth is, Dorian, I’m scared. I’ve spent so much time waiting to save this world (again) that I’m worried I might not get that chance. Or that if the chance comes, someone will try to replace me. I’ve been hearing whispers that some people think my role in all of this is over. Is it because I lost my arm all those years ago? I don’t think so. I’m more than capable of finding a way to still fight, whether it be using my magic or finding someone who can make me a prosthetic outfitted with some kind of weapon.

This entire fight began with me and Solas, it should end with me and Solas, right? Despite all my certainty about that, I can’t shake my fear about what comes next. And that no word came regarding those reports hasn’t helped.

I don’t really know what to do with myself these days. Everything is so uncertain right now. But there is one thing I’m certain of: I miss you. 

I hope to see you again soon. Or at least get word that you and I will be able to take on Solas side-by-side. If the wait for this fight is as long as I fear it will be, knowing I’ll be with you soon would be enough to quell my fears.

Yours, always, 

The Inquisitor.

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Kenneth Shepard

Kenneth is a Staff Writer at Fanbyte. He still periodically cries about the Mass Effect trilogy years after it concluded.