Late Lunch October 2, 2019: This Episode Comes from the Moon

The Destiny 2 crew plays Shadowkeep for two hours! It might be audio poison! Who’s to say! It’s also the Great Fanbyte Plague of 2019!

Late Lunch October 4, 2019: Mushroom Clout

Dillon, Niki, and Andrew discuss the film event known as Joker. The couch welcomes special guest Frank who shows us some mushrooms.

Late Lunch October 7, 2019: I Like the Wild Wild West Movie

Steven joins Niki on the couch, so to speak, to discuss everything from Destiny 2 to What the Golf to Will Smith’s classic Wild Wild West.

Late Lunch September 27, 2019: Drifter Duck

Niki and Dillon take a lemon of a day and turn it into Destiny 2 lemonade, with some catchup before Shadowkeep drops this week.

Late Lunch September 30, 2019: Nipples Are Feet

New time, folks! John’s got real work to do during the day so we’re moving to 5pm PST. Niki and Andrew protest. TwitchCon 2019 is discussed.