The Fancies 2021: Steven Strom's Game of the Year List

Another year, another landslide of problems to try and escape in the world of video games. I won’t go too deep on just how hard 2021 has been. I edited most of our end-of-year pieces by my coworkers

The Fancies 2021: Collin's Guide to Picking Your GOTY

It’s that time of the year again where we at Fanbyte share our favorite games of the year. This discussion typically includes insightful listicles, chaotic podcasts, and the infamous Jordies. Yet, I r...

The Fancies 2021: Andrea Shearon's Game of the Year List

I’m gonna kick off my Game of the Year list with a spoiler: every year, when there’s a Final Fantasy XIV expansion, said expansion winds up being my number one. I still want you to pretend to...

The Fancies 2021: Danielle’s Top Games of 2021

Content warning for a mention of a COVID 19-related death in this article.