Curious about Overwatch? You can try it for free very soon

We’re all big fans of Overwatch here at Zam, which puts us in an exclusive minority of about 15 million players worldwide. But if you happen to have not heard about this niche team-based shooter from little-known developer Blizzard, never fret: Overwatch is running a free weekend this September 9th through the 12th, during which you can check out the game without spending a penny.

The free weekend is open for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners. Blizzard has detailed instructions on how to log in and download the game on your respective device. And to be clear, this isn’t some ‘demo’ mode with a handful of test characters and maps: players will have access to the full range of 22 heroes and be able to enjoy all the same gameplay modes and rewards as anybody else. You’ll even be able to try out Eichenwalde, the latest map only recently revealed at Gamescom.

Perhaps the nicest feature to Overwatch‘s free weekend, however, is that it will save your progress after the event. Meaning you can go and purchase a retail copy of Overwatch, install it, and sign right back in with the same profile with your current level and unlocks all accounted for.

Rollout schedule for the free weekend beginning September 9th (via Blizzard).

Rollout schedule for the free weekend beginning September 9th (via Blizzard).

Some may be bummed out that this free weekend doesn’t include the PC edition of the game, but anecdotally, I’ve chatted with a lot of console players who get on just fine playing on those platforms. So it’s well worth checking out, even if PC chauvinists tell you their version is “superior.”

A PlayStation Plus account is not required to play Overwatch‘s free weekend on PlayStation 4, but an Xbox Live Gold account is required to play on Xbox One. Also, if you end up moving over to the paid version on PlayStation 4, you will need a Plus account to keep playing, for some special reason that probably makes sense to Sony. Head on over to Blizzard’s official blog for download instructions and further details!

(And hey, Blizzard? This would be a good time to conclude this dang Sombra ARG…)