Monster Hunter Rise Review Podcast

We hope you a-purr-eciate this meow-jestic special episode!

The hunt is on once again in our Monster Hunter Rise review podcast! Fanbyte editor Steven Strom assembles a crack team at the Gathering Hub — including cohosts and fellow editors Imran Khan and merritt k, with Paul Tamayo on Palico duty (i.e. producing the episode). With such expert players in our midst its no wonder this episode turned out to be a banger. Though I might be biased since I, Steven, am also writing this post.

Speaking of me, I also wrote a text Monster Hunter Rise review, if audio isn’t your thing for any reason. You can also find a whole lot more than that by staying tuned to Fanbyte for more Monster Hunter news, opinions, and the like as they happen! You could, for instance, enjoy this silly thing I wrote about the equally stupid names I give every monster in the game (shouts out to my two cats for the inspiration).

Happy hunting!

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