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Overwatch Hitscan Guide - How to Play Hitscan Heroes

Overwatch hitscan heroes aren’t easy. Of course, nothing about shooting your weapon in Overwatch is simple. From rockets to bullets, the game offers a huge variety o...

Bytedown 6/7/2019: Wooloohoo

Happy Friday! The entire crew is in the house for E3 and we had a blast talking Stadia, Destiny 2, and Wooloo. Join us over the next week for extensive EA Play and E3 2019 coverage.

Fanwidth Episode 024: Star Wars Esports

Steven is back from a harrowing journey to the far flung fields of Canada! They come back with news about a little game called Warframe, and take Niki down memory lane through the game’s...

Fanwidth Episode 026: Hardtack in the Gummyworks

It’s a beautiful week to talk about video games! Because… there aren’t a ton of new video games to play. As such, Steven, merritt, and Niki dig into the world of old-school games and updates for newer...