Supergiant Has ‘No Plans’ to Bring Pyre to Switch After Hades’ Success

Not right now, at least.

Supergiant Games officially launched Hades on Switch, Mac, and PC this past week, which has been doing pretty well for the studio, having sold over a million copies across all three systems since going into early access in 2018. Seeing the game be a runaway success immediately brings questions of whether or not the rest of the studio’s catalog will be showing up on Switch, and unfortunately, it seems that’s not in the cards for the studio’s sports/social sim mashup Pyre. Not right now, at least.

In a Reddit AMA on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, Supergiant Games Writer and Designer Greg Kasavin explained that a Pyre Switch port is probably not in the cards at the moment. He specifically cited the challenges of porting the PC and PlayStation 4 game to Switch with the team’s current toolset and resources. With Hades, the team had already been working toward bringing the game to Nintendo’s platform from the beginning, where Pyre was in development long before the Switch was even a thing in the public consciousness.

Kasavin’s full statement reads as follows:

Hey, we have no plans to bring Pyre to Nintendo Switch (or frankly any plans right now past this v1.0 launch of Hades, because we gave that everything we’ve got). We do really appreciate the interest.

It’s one of those things where, if it weren’t extraordinarily difficult for our team, we probably would have already done it. We’re [fortunate] to have our own tech and tools, which are tailored to the individuals on our team and help us make games with a distinct feel. But one of the downsides is that porting that tech to other platforms is not as easy as we’d like. With Hades, we suspected from the start that we’d want to bring the game to Nintendo Switch, and planned for it early and made tons of technical changes to make it possible (and even then it was a Herculean / Heraclean task for our engineering team). Whereas most of Pyre’s development occurred before the Nintendo Switch was announced, so we had no way of accounting for its hardware. This isn’t meant as a bunch of excuses, as I know it can sound that way, just to provide some context.

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Whatever the future holds for Supergiant Games, Hades has managed to make quite the impact now that it’s out of Early Access. Even after over a year of hearing about how good it is, I’m surprised to hear just how many people have latched onto it. I might be in the middle of downloading it on my Switch right now, myself. The good thing about the game having been in Early Access for so long is that we have a handful of guides ready to go if you’re trying to jump in. Here’s a list of general tips to help get you started.


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