Monster Hunter Rise Hits Six Million Units Sold

It is now Capcom's eighth best-selling title ever.

After Monster Hunter World, if you told me that a new Monster Hunter title was selling well, I am not sure my brain would really register a reaction. World sold really well. It’s entirely possible more people have played Monster Hunter World than paid attention to the Monster Hunter movie. In that sense, Monster Hunter Rise selling well is not a shock, but it selling this well is really notable.

Capcom announced last night, alongside the new Monster Hunter Rise title update, that the game has hit six million sales on Switch through a combination of retail shipments and digital sales. In the pantheon of total Capcom sales, this puts Monster Hunter Rise ahead of Street Fighter V in total sales and just short of Street Fighter II. It should beat the World Warriors relatively soon, making the Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise the best-selling single-platform title in the company’s history.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean Rise has outsold World, which is on three platforms and thus is non-exclusive. It means that the single-platform version of Rise on Switch will have outsold Street Fighter II: The World Warriors on the SNES, which itself sold 6.3 million copies. When the PC version of Rise does come out, that categorization will get readjusted.

To celebrate this milestone, Capcom is giving away another celebration pack of items and cosmetics in the game, which you can get by talking to the Mail Cat in the Village Steelworks plaza. It’s good timing alongside the newest update, which adds some new monsters and a host of new quests.