Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Unannounced Demo Already Leaks Spoilers

Thought Star Wars and Avengers spoilers were bad? Leaks from a FF7 Remake demo that isn't even announced may bring three months of spoilers.

NOTE: No unrevealed, demo-farmed spoilers for FF7 within. You’re welcome.

It may seem odd that Final Fantasy fans are dying to spoil a game that’s technically already 20 years old. But already, spoilers are out for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! Excited dataminers already got their hands on the FF7 Remake demo. And not only have they gotten quite a bit out of the demo – they’ve pulled bits and pieces out of the full game as well. Basically, we can officially say there are FF7 Remake leaks out in the wild three months before the game’s release. Beware!

The first issue with this? Technically the demo isn’t released yet. Nor has it even been announced formally yet by Square Enix. So these dataminers took a risk and got ahead of the ball with these demos.

But worse, it turns out the demo’s files contain far more than – well, the demo. Information about bosses, new characters, cutscenes, environments, and more were datamined. Information often overlaps between the data of a demo and that of the main game. However, the FF7 demo seems to contains an unprecedented amount of information.

What we’re trying to say is, Square Enix has not only managed to have its demo be farmable – the farmable demo has massive chunks of information that really shouldn’t be out in the public.

Quite a bit to unpack here. On one hand, in regards to major story spoilers, there’s… really not too much. As far as we know, FF7 Remake mainly hits all the same beats as the original game’s story. There’ll even be a “part two” disc (and, we assume, a part three down the line?).

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But on the other hand, part of the excitement for Remake is that it is, in fact, a remake. With new battle systems, redesigned bosses, and fresh perspectives on the world – including original cinematic cutscenes – there’s plenty to look forward to. There are also some new characters, which means maybe a few new smaller plots to look forward to.

Old fans may have wanted to wait for FF7 Remake’s full release to see many of the updates unveiled. It’s like visiting Disneyland on opening day versus today: way different, but you’d hope for much of the same charm that the original brought.

It’s a surprising situation given the team responsible for the remake, especially with Tetsuya Nomura at the helm. When the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 began to approach, spoilers were far more minimal. Basically, especially due to the sensitive nature of the spoilers, the game was on a tighter lockdown. Only the ending, much of the soundtrack, and a few cutscenes had leaked before the game’s release. These were more likely due to stolen or “borrowed” copies of the game – not so much a glitch in the matrix.

So if you’re one of the types hoping to have fresh eyes, be wary on the internet until the game’s March release. I’d personally warn against letting YouTube algorithms pick up that you want to know anything about FF7 Remake, since YouTube’s previews are especially infamous for spoilers If you’re a little too eager to get your hands on spoilers – well, I’m sure you know where to look already.