Devil May Cry Hack-And-Slash Mobile Game Gets Slick Gameplay Trailer

Mobile action game Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is getting a 2020 test — but us Westerners may not get our hands on it anytime soon.

The new era of Devil May Cry across multiple platforms doesn’t look like it slowing down. Not only did Devil May Cry 5 come out earlier this year, but Capcom has blasted out remastered or imported version of classic games on the Switch and more. Now, Capcom is eyeing a mobile release soon, with the Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat action mobile game getting a rad as hell (hah) gameplay trailer — and confirmation that Chinese gamers can get their hands on it soon.

According to developer YunChang Game, Pinnacle of Combat follows the original franchise’s thematic and story footsteps, while replicating the RPG “research” elements and high-octane action. Of course, this is all repackaged in a modern, mobile twist, including online combat.

The new Pinnacle of Combat gameplay trailer (only found on YouTube from news site GamerBraves) starts with cinematic footage, released in March, followed by our first preview of in-game combat. Dante whips out his famous multi-weapon combos, with the trailer giving a brief glance at each weapon put to use. And, of course, the music is very good, too.

[Editor’s Note: the game’s trailer and much of its promotional material, which were previously embedded in this article, seem to have been removed.]

Originally, the Pinnacle of Combat was slated for a 2018 release, but fans saw radio silence after the 2017 announcement.

The good news is, in a press release also posted today, YunChang Game shared that players will be able to test the game in 2020. However, this is solely for Chinese audiences; we don’t know if this game will receive a Western, or anywhere out of China, release. (We do hear English in the trailer, but who knows!)

YunChang Game, a Chinese game development company, is leading development on the action game. Previously, they published mobile game Sword Art Online: Black Swordsman, as well as other action fighter games. However, from the start, Capcom has reportedly been heavily involved with the development in order to keep the game in line with the DMC franchise’s standards.

This mobile adaptation was originally announced about two years ago, in late 2017. At the time, YunChang shared that there would be online features, including player-versus-player. Very little has emerged since, though, minus a brief teaser trailer and screenshots in March.

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Thankfully for DMC fans, things are looking a lot better since the 2017 preview. Obviously, the gameplay trailer has, you know, gameplay. And the gameplay looks fun as hell (ha, again) — the combat channels much of the fun and exciting action that the DMC franchise is generally known for. Graphics look great, too.

We sadly don’t have many details on how the gameplay will actually work, though. The footage showed only the combat itself, and not the overlaying controls that often come with a game like this. In other words, a user interface is entirely missing. Maybe there just isn’t one at all, which could be interesting but possibly frustrating?

YunChang and Capcom also haven’t shared specifics of how the online gameplay, especially player-versus-player is going to work. As DMC is often fast-paced and high-action, including in the trailer, real-time combat would have to be pretty low-latency. With network technologies keeping up across the mobile games industry, though, plus 5G rolling out around the world, it could definitely work. It’s definitely the era of mobile games, after all.